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  1. Arthoush
    Arthoush FallingSheep
    Hey, RisingDuck. Can I have some help with 0.16? Half of it doesn't work on startup.
  2. Tokio_Alive
    HI everyone !
  3. machine
    its back!
  4. luminoth
  5. dayzguy420
    dayzguy420 FallingSheep
    hello sir i was looking for some one to script my server and i was told maybe you could help(for a fee ???) . im new here and this is my first server i have a gtx gaming server and would like very much to run your .16 but cant seem to get it installed any help would be great
    1. FallingSheep
      hey! if you still need help setting up 0.16 i can help, i dont charge a fee and only accept donations which are not needed to get my help :)
      the easiest way for me to help you is PM me your login details for GTX (pretty sure you can create guest accounts) i will then login and setup the files and config for you.
      Nov 2, 2016
  6. chi
    Still Running Arma 2 Dayz Mods!!!
  7. {SS} Paradox
  8. manupsgi
    (You have insufficient privileges to post here.) <--- Why can't I advertise my server on here?
  9. Carstell
    Owner @ TyrantGaming
  10. FallingSheep
    update 0.16 overpoch napf repack ...why? cause i can and was bored :P
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  11. FallingSheep
    And sheep make a mad dash thru his browser history. finds open dayz logs in. post some random help.....and hes gone :)
  12. luminoth
    just when you start to think this place is dead. BOOM new layout! haha
  13. BigEgg
    Feeling Big
  14. Cas.haber
    Cas.haber ShootingBlanks
    hi, I hope you can help, When playin gaif some one dies I get to the spawn Charater selection and after I select my class all I see is the loading screen, Epoch NAPF arma 2 I tried the fix but not sure if its correct.
  15. luminoth
    luminoth ShootingBlanks
    pls put your default avatar backs. Made it easy to find your tips on breaking servers xD
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    2. ShootingBlanks
      May 18, 2016
    3. ShootingBlanks
      happy now? ... you pervert.
      May 18, 2016
    4. luminoth
      the creepy thing is, i was just scrolling through a post saw a mans nipple and got excited! thank you!
      May 20, 2016
  16. ElDubya
    ElDubya CommanderRetra
    Did you know that new registrations are throwing an error? A bloke was trying to register just now and kept getting an error.
    1. CommanderRetra
      No I wasn't aware. Perhaps drop Pwnoz0r a PM.
      Mar 8, 2016
  17. ElDubya
    Sure is. It's a wealth of information and a part of my daily internet crawl :)
  18. Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins
    Holy shit...this place is still around?
  19. nurupo
    nurupo ebay
  20. RiMMON