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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Version fixed a number of bugs from the previous version.

    [NEW] Secured and protected both applications
    [NEW] Inactive threads are now idled to improve performance
    [NEW] "-forceupdate" parameter, to force the download of the latest version
    [FIX] Language wasn't reloading after update
    [FIX] Whitelist Log wasn't created after update
    [FIX] Removed unused readme from server files
    [FIX] If "reportingIP" or "template" is null, default values are used
    [FIX] Fixed several possible exceptions if configuration values were empty
    [FIX] Exceptions fixed when update host was not accesible

    Download it from: http://dl.germandayz.de/dayzcc/

    Any support questions can be asked here or on official http://www.dayzcc.tk. Enjoy
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