Reality now supports all Server Code versions

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    We are now supporting multiple server versions within Reality. This will allow the current package of Reality to support all older worlds that are currently not supported any longer due to newer server versions being placed into the project. Supporting new worlds and new server code has never been easier. This will also cause the branches to cease to be named after the server version it supports since it will support all versions in the future.

    Adding server version support is simple at this stage, simply drag the dayz_server for the proper version you want to support into the \util\ folder and rename it to dayz_server_XXXX where XXXX is the version number. Example: dayz_server_1744

    version usage

    perl --world chernarus --serverversion 1761 --instance 1
    Versions supported at this time = --serverversion 1744 = --serverversion 1751 = --serverversion 1761

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