Script / Addon Submission Template (READ THIS FIRST!)

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    Welcome to the script / addon submission guide thread. Please note this may be updated more as we start to refine the process, so this is subject to change

    This forum is purely for script/addon releases ONLY please do not post anything else.
    Ze Rules!
    If you can align with the above, please process to use the template below. Your post will then be queued for moderation and if it fulfills requirements, it will be made active.
    ============= Template Start ==============
    Script title

    What it does....

    Requirements (inc. Tools(must include dowload link)/ Expected Time/Difficulty)
    • Easy = Blue <10
    • Moderate = Orange >10 <30
    • Hard = Red >30+
    Installation Steps -
    1. Step 1
    2. Step 2
    3. Step 3
    4. etc

    FAQ -
    • HERE
    • HERE
    • AND HERE
    Credits -

    Discussion \ help thread link
    Download Link

    ============= Template Finish ==============​
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