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    [Support] ESS

    Hi, I installed this addon, but it doesn't load past "Requesting Character Data From Server", and there is a number on the bottom right which keeps going up
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    [Release]OW Pack Install Pack

    Hello everyone, this is the pack for people who doesnt't know or don't want to install things like loot tables and add vehicle spawns, so I put together a pack for them. (REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE TRADER TID): OW Pack is a weapon and vehicle pack, it adds LOTS of weapons that overwatch doesn't...
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    Make AI Run instead of Walking

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to make the AI run instead of walking to waypoints, it just doesn't feel so realistic seeing people walk from Electro to Cherno, is there a way to change their behaviour? Thanks
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    100% Custom Loot tables - TUTORIAL

    I can't make a custom variables.sqf
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    [Tutorial] Custom Loot Tables and Adjusting Spawn Rates

    I can't replace Compiles.sqf, when I do what I was told to do, it spawned me as an invisible person.
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    [Release] Sector FNG Inland Version

    I intalled this but i am having trouble with spawning AIs, I put in the static spawns but there are no AIs there
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    I tried Apache before but its blank so I tried WAMP and its still blank........
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    It's a blank screen on the Index page
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    Vehicles Not Spawning Correctly

    well I have a lot of addons installed, is there any other way? I did install a fresh DB
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    Vehicles Not Spawning Correctly

    DayZ Epoch It's my private server
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    Vehicles Not Spawning Correctly

    Hi, I created a server, but when i loaded it up, there were no vehicles that spawned at the Upper Half of the map, there was some at Cherno and some other cities but not the upper half of the map. The chopper at the top are AI Patrols. Please help! Thanks!
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    nvm I found it, I set it up but it is a blank screen when it redirected me to the Index Page?????
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    This might be a noob question but where is the htaccess folder? Thanks!
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    Increase AI Amount?

    Hello everyone, I have been playing on my server with Sarge AI, but I can't see much AI, is there a way to increase the AI Amount? And is there a way to see where the AIs are? Is there a way to classify the AIs as Players? Thanks!
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    I can't install it