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  • hi, can I have the code where there is some admin in-game options to spawn groups of three troops and to take 'leadership of them', so they join your player group.
    Hey, did you ever get the choo choo train script working? I cannot get it to even show a train on my server
    I was wondering if i could get some help getting tow.lift,and sarge A.I working on my epoch server,I can seem to find out how to or where to get them,Im a new server host so im not up on all the things and you helped me and a buddy do the AI on our last attemp last year or so,message me back if youd be so kind to help,thanks
    hello axeman, trying to get your dayz ai npc pbo to run on my server but no luck. I have taken your pbo and put it into my mission pbo and restarted and got the error message "waiting for host". I am not clearing that out and putting it into the server pbo section in the control panel.
    Was I supposed to edit the file any or will it run as it?
    Can i get the download file for house lights. It says to download it but i dont know where to download the one file.
    Hay my I have the missions file you made with the admin command to spawn ai. And add them to your team. I only play lan with my brother. We don't own arma2 so we don't play only just lan. Were just waiting for the stand-alone. Coz it will be less bugy but till then we only play single player or lan. Can you email me the missions file pllz make subject Dayz admin if you send it thanks
    Start a Conversation with me, might be worth adding Sarge as he has responded to the post..
    dayZ street light code is ready for testing to the first few that want to try it out. Vetting will be required, no more money grubs please !
    Bus Route: See the bus route thread for hints on how to get this working. it is not ready for release but there are ways of getting it..
    The admin commands are now on the thread, there is a link from the first post.
    Hey! I got the AI soldiers to work on my server, and would like to apply for the admin commands! Really appreciate it, thanks.
    Hey, i don't know how to pm, sorry, but i would like to apply to the Admin commands with the DayZ NPC Units :)
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