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    Bushcraft RP Season 4

    Bushcraft RP Season 4 “The Tribe” An unknown virus has wiped out 90% of the adult population around the world, following the loss of such a large part of the population much of the world turned to chaos. A few survivors grouped together to create their own tribes and their own little society...
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    Looking for RP? Dayz BushcraftRP! Over 160+ Members & counting!

    Dayz BushcraftRP Over 160 Members an counting! Server 1 - [Bushcraft Bastion] Coming SOON! Sign ups now accepting! Server 2 - [Bushcraft RP Official Whitelisted!] 100% RP - NO KOS S2 - Player Size 20 Map Chernarusplus Microphone Required! 25K Start Restarts every 4hrs Player...
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