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    [Release] SQF to Biedi converter/importer

    This community died over a year ago. Shocker - I know.
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    DayZed - Server Files

    Use the database schema from the repo. Wysłane z mojego Nexus 5
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    All actual DayZ Mods are getting extremely borring

    Status report pls :eek: Wysłane z mojego Nexus 5
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    All actual DayZ Mods are getting extremely borring

    Then code them, bake a new map and create all the assets. Don't forget the hacks, scripts, parachuting cows and nukes - that's also totally fixable (yup) I would love to understand the point of this thread, really I do. Is it a suggestion for someone what to create based on your ideas, or...
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    All actual DayZ Mods are getting extremely borring

    Why would anyone still care of making new content for A2? You've made a list of your "I-want-to-have" features - cool. Most of them are not possible in A2. You lack the basic knowledge of how things work. You suggesting someone to create a completely new game. DayZMod went full retard cause the...
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    DayZed - Discussion

    It had no player base so it simply died. I've spent way to much money on hardware to develop something that people simply didn't play. The lack of publicity was probably a result of my negligence but was fun while it lasted.
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    All actual DayZ Mods are getting extremely borring

    TL;DR Game is dead. Move on.
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    InCombat logout punishment

    if ((_lastDamage > 5 AND {(_lastDamage < 30)}) AND {((alive _playerObj) AND {(_playerObj distance (getMarkerpos "respawn_west") >= 2000)})}) then { [nil, nil, rTitleText, format ["%1 JUST COMBAT LOGGED, PREPARE YOUR FORKS!", _playerName], "PLAIN DOWN"] call RE; };
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    We won! Gamers platoon can no longer hold origins hostage!

    No they won't. I think you need to read the whole post again. Wysłane z mojego Nexus 5
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    Is Aftermath dead?

    It's not a script. It's a configuration file.
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    Is Aftermath dead?

    That addon removed some vegetation, sounds, clutter and changed how some particles work. Nothing ground breaking. Wysłane z mojego Nexus 5
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    Is Aftermath dead?

    Come to think of it, a lot time has passed. This could have been the best mod, but the fucked it up. And I knew it would end up like this just after Rossymond said they're keeping it to themselves. They tried to create and maintain their own hive with what? 5 people? 10 people? Then you have to...
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    Permission to post Server??? Need Help!

    This is not a notice-board. If you want to learn or contribute - feel free to stay. If you just registered here to advertise your server (and we can assume that from your previous postings) - you can leave.
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    Run script as soon as a player gets in vehicle

    He can Add an EH to a vehicle that is spawned via server also :confused: Somewhere below if (_object isKindOf "AllVehicles") then { in server_monitor.sqf Add: _object addMPEventHandler ["GetIn",{ _vehicle = _this select 0; //vehicle wchich triggered the EH _pos = _this select...
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    DayZed - Discussion

    ROLLING CHANGELOG - Release [NEW] New buildings interiors: Mil_Guardhouse, Mil_Barracks, Shed_W4, Ind_SawMill, HouseV_1I3, HouseV_2I, HouseV_1I1, Mil_House [NEW] Added 50 new skins/clothings ((Big Thanks to DayZ Sahrani Team!) [NEW] Added random skins/clothings for players spawn [NEW]...