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  • I am no longer providing support for BanZ Union or for any of my guides. Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported me. Doc
    Hey im trying to do the vehicle spawn system thing and I get this error message in the launcher:
    1305 - PROCEDURE hivemind.pFixMaxNum does not exist
    I have dozens of emails left to respond to. I will respond at the end of may, university exams take priorty at the moment. Sorry and thanks
    Hey there, I would love to get in on the BanZ Union. It just seems like a great community run project and an awesome way to combat one of the biggest problems in dayz, to check out my clan visit We have been around for a while and setting ourselves into the dayZ community with our own private server. Contact me either on here or my clan website if you choose to add us. Many thanks, Poncho.
    Doc. Im kinda a lurker here at Opendayz, I come here for ideas, mods and bugifxes for my server and your posts have hands down helped me the most in getting my server up and running. Kudos man! If you were here I'd buy you a beer cos you saved me pulling out what little hair I have left ;) cheers mate
    Thank you very much, Retro :) It's been a fair few weeks since I've been able to make any sizeable contribution here, but it's nice to see people appreciate my posts. I hope your server is doing well.
    Hello there,

    we are a day-z community running our own day-z mod. we have ~ 2900 members atm, and were thinkg of creating a community blacklist with toher german day-z communites, when we found your project. so i guess it could be the best for all of us, if we just joined you.
    check here:
    please contact me, so we can figure out how to go on...
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