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  • Вы бы не мог ли бы уточнить какой документ создать и куда его поместить?
    по поводу этого spawnzombles.sqf:
    Вы бы не мог ли бы уточнить какой документ создать и куда его поместить?
    hello Ebay, I was wondering if you're the same guy that helped me a couple years ago! Did you Put a server up for a guy that went by Cherno? if so i met you through a guy named Russia! Well i need help again, i am willing to compensate you for your time!
    Thank you Ebay for all the hard work. I have a question about the Enhanced Spawn Selection V2. Where can i change the load out of pre mad classes you included?
    Hi Ebay I saw you wrote some advice about how to fix the problem when it says "failed to launch app already running" for arma 2 but I have day z could you help me with this I seem to be stuck?
    Hello ebay :) I have problem, if someone is in Group I can't see him on the ESP Map in infistar admin-tool I don't see nickname only red circle without nickname, how can I change this?
    Hello Ebay i have a problem whit DZGM - DayZ Group Management ! I can open DZGM whit a Radio Then I click on a Player and i Dosent can add Him!
    Nice scripts there awesome, just having an issue with DZGM the right click radio does not work, and the right Ctrl hot key doesn't work, I have looked as much as I dare for the answer reading through other peoples problems has a toll as I see them becoming my problem in the near future.

    Any help Thanks.
    Hello ebay you can help me please i have install this Ess for epoch dont work for my server please help
    Hi ebay add a new post in the group management. thanks for all you hard work and help.
    Hey ebay. Is there any way to force ESS random to spawn on the ground. Some players exploiting by hitting random, not opening chute if too far away from where they want and then spawning again. Basically bypassing the 4km exclusion after death code. Thanks!
    He was wondering if you could make it possible for the group management to work with the latest infiSTAR antihack, thanks!.
    Any way to disable the automatic skin change when you select a class in ESS? im trying to make it work with Zupa coin system so you dont have to relog every time.
    Hi ebay, can you tell me if ESS's donator base system works with Steam ID's?
    I've checked my install 3 times and everything works perfectly except that. Just spawns me in north west corner of radiation zone..Also, normal players see the base button when their ID's and bases aren't listed. They also go to radiation zone if they select that. Is that right? more info in the support link. Thanks for any support.
    Hey Ebay, i was wondering, how can i stop the spawn selection from removing locations... an example: i load up, select my spawn, then when i die, that spawn point is no longer available to choose? i want all the spawn selections to always be there... i cant find anything in the code that changes this, im no good with Dialogs. (ESS Enhanced spawning system).
    ebay have you tryed that warp script if so any luck for it to work? You seem pretty good at scripts. Just cant seem to get help with it on forums
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