Jan 9, 2013
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    1. HellGamer115
      how do i do mutliply donator classes? like for the spawn but i want 2 donator classes, so people who donate less then £10 get the first donator class and the people who donate more than £10 get the second donator class, please help someone. i tried setting it up like the multiply donator spawn menu but it doesnt work
      please help me,
      1. ebay
        Jun 5, 2014
    2. Lt Kerrigan [MDR]
      Lt Kerrigan [MDR]
      Hey I was told to message you about a question/Bug I've been having with a custom mod in dayz. To put it simply I crash 4-6 seconds after getting into a dayz server thats running a halo spawn mod, and during the halo jump I'm unable to control my character. Does this seem odd or familiar to you r anyone? I've spent a month trying to fix this, an hoping someone can assist me.
    3. Mr.White
      I know probably alot of people say this.. but.. Thank you for everything you do.
      I started to "learn" how to create a server the past couple of days, and everytime i look deeper into code related stuff, posts from you appear. Not only here, on different forums as well.

      Thank you for your hard work.
    4. osmox
      get a chance swing on wayfar.de:9992 look for bender so i can thank you.
    5. osmox
      Thanks ebay works great. Thanks for the help.
    6. NoZ
      Hey ebay i was wondering if you know how i could add custom loot table to my overwatch server, using the method provided by avendetta only crashes my server. If you have any ideas please help or if you know anyone who might. thanks!
      1. ebay
        Jan 17, 2014
      2. NoZ
        ty for taking the time to look for it
        Jan 18, 2014
    7. EpiX
      Hey ebay, im trying to get the scroll spawn/loadout menu working on Overwatch 2.5. Would you mind helping me out? The menu shows up but when i click a location.. nothing happens. AH's off. Thanks
      1. ebay
        Just posted an update that fixes this. Check the thread.
        Dec 30, 2013
    8. mraidanpreston
      Dude, using your scroll menu thing, can I use it on overwatch?
      1. ebay
        It should work, you may just need to change a few things like the skins for the classes.
        Dec 19, 2013
    9. domda7x
      Did you ever figure this out? I have the same problem
      [CODE]ERROR: Cannot Sync Character playernamehere as no characterID
      Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to playerIDhere (playernamehere)
      "ERROR: server_playerSync: Cannot Sync Player playernamehere [28900]. Position in debug! [-18666.7,25882.6,0.00183105]"[/CODE]
      1. ebay
        I assume that is normal desync / network lag. It happens even on servers with stock pbos, fresh database install and low player count.
        Oct 6, 2013
    10. FifthYangPro
      Hey eBay, On NYC, you guys had the Bi-Planes set to respawn when they were destroyed. How did you do this? I would like to implement the same thing on my server.
      1. ebay
      2. FifthYangPro
        Oct 9, 2013
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