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    First impressions of DayZ 2017 Namalsk

    They got rid of the EVR's and bloodsuckers because they don't really fit the nature of DayZ 2017. This doesn't appear as though it's intended to be a 2017 version of DayZ Namalsk; but, rather, a Namalsk version of DayZ 2017. The bandage availability in Namalsk 2017 is fine, there's no reason...
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    First impressions of DayZ 2017 Namalsk

    I have to say, this is really a perfect map in terms of tone for DayZ 2017. It's spooky as hell. The bleak landsape works so well with the 2017 models. The sheer number of zeds is frightening! I don't think I made it more than 50 feet in any given direction without seeing another zed walking...
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    DayZ 2017 Namalsk Client Release 1.0 (Alpha)

    Got it. It should be noted that if anyone wants to play this and vanilla DayZ 1.7.7, they are going to have to downgrade the beta when they want to switch back to vanilla DayZ. The latest beta patch won't work with 1.7.7.
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    DayZ 2017 Namalsk Client Release 1.0 (Alpha)

    You mean merge the files in the Addons folder from Arma 2 with the ones in the Addons folder in the Expansions folder of Arma 2: OA... or simply copy the Arma 2 Addons folder into the Arma 2: OA folder? And what impact does this have on playing other versions of DayZ or playing Arma 2?
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    Animated Helicrashs 0.1 - Release

    Seeing this in action was really cool. But, my feeling - just my personal opinion - is that you shouldn't be able to shoot it down so easily. Also, I don't know if it's possible, but can they be scripted to fly really low and fast as they get closer to the crash point and then lose the tail...
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    Yeah... I just think with a bag/box... you should need to reload after every shot (like the way the quiver works)... if you have a mag, you wouldn't until the mag is empty. That would be the benefit of having a mag over simply a collection of single bullets... makes it interesting.
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    I also agree that finding a way to combine rounds is a great idea... it's just a matter of finding a good way to implement that. Quivers is great for the crossbow. Adding single bullets to magazines is great for Stanag rounds. A bag is great for other bullets/pellets. I think finding a way to...
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    You mean the pack you managed to stuff a car engine into... that the pack you're talking about? ;) Some guns of the guns don't use external mags... meaning, you have to manually load the gun to capacity. It's unrealistic to be able to carry Winchester or shotgun magazines because they don't...
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    Zombie Me.

    Dayz Epoch has made it happen. You can play as a zombie. If you die with an infection, you respawn as a zombie. It's really fun to play. You can't hold or pick up loot or weapons; you can't get into vehicles. You have the blood of a player and independence to move as one (though, if you're...
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    I think it would be cool if, for guns that use external magazines, you could find a magazine with 1 bullet in and you could then add bullets to it. For guns with internal magazines - Winchester, shotguns, (Mosin Nagant?) if picking one up added a clip to your toolbelt that matched the weapon (15...
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    Official Release Thread for Version 2.0.1 [OLD]

    Pro-tip for bandages... aircraft hangars, ATC towers, barracks and deer stands - that's it... the only place where there's a very slight increase in bandage spawn rates. Don't waste your time looking for them in any of the towns... even those with hospitals.
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    DayZ v2.0 Pre-Release Open Testing!!

    I don't think the idea was to make bandages common... everything should be harder to find than in vanilla DayZ; but there's a difference between rare and virtually non-existent - which is what they were before this change. I'm excited to see how the adjustment plays out. :)
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    Abort timer

    I remember this issue with vanilla DayZ. An abort timer for being in combat is cool - I don't even have a problem with being in combat when zombies are aggroing on me... I think that's a good thing to have. But, having a 30 second(?) timer when ever I want to leave the game is a tad bit...
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    Hey Shin, Might it be possible for me to get a hold of the Mozzie model? I'd love to see if I...

    Hey Shin, Might it be possible for me to get a hold of the Mozzie model? I'd love to see if I can come up with a cargo animation for the passenger so that they don't disappear, but, rather, have them squatting/kneeling on the rail and holding on. I wasn't sure if I needed to contact you or...
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    Problems with weight system.

    Oh... that's why that's what that optika heli paa error is about and why it still pops up when I join Shin's server. Yeah, I knew binarization was the reason why I couldn't open it... it just shows the bounding box. Is it Shin, I'd have to ask? Or would I have to go to CSJ for permission to play...