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    Survivors/Soldiers attacking friendly players

    Both the soldier and survivor patrols are attacking friendly players. I can be sure that this is not a case of the player having shot a survivor previously, as I have tested by completely erasing my own character records from the database and spawning in with the default 2500 humanity. On...
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    Bandit2_DZ results in no AI spawn

    Wow, thanks for such a detailed answer! Especially considering I posted this in the wrong forum. :D Thanks man!
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    Bandit2_DZ results in no AI spawn

    I was hoping someone can help with this. I'd like all bandits to spawn in the Bandit2_DZ skin but every time I set the skin to this, AI no longer spawn. Its not confined to Sarge AI either as DZMS behaved the same way. Do I need to add the skin toSarge or something? I was under the impression...