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  • TheGovernor: Hey fred, i recently downloades and istalled the wardroe for my server, i completely rewrote the way the skins are listed and the type of skins from Hero and Villain. problem is, that they only work for admin. im really not sure what ive done wrong. when one of my other players try to access the wardrobe they get kicked and temp banned.
    hope you can help me. heres the way my main.sqf looks.
    Hi Fred , Just wondering if i could be given permission to release a edited version of your StudyBody/Dead player journal script where instead of the statistics appearing like a debug monitor , it comes up in the center of the screen.
    Hey Fred, a friend of mine told me to come to you for help, I am currently trying to add in Animated C130 Crash, Mission, Air Raid script, and also Blur custom spawn[Intro and message only]. None of them are working, Just stuck at Waiting for host.
    Hey Fred, Love the mods. Had an idea for my overwatch server. Zombie frequency emitter- bible. since bibles have been taken out of overwatch so it would only be the admins walking around with the glorious holy book that kills zombies. i think the only thing you would need to do is lose the sound that the emitter makes. just a thought (id personally love one =))
    Following your wardrobe mod. I got it all working but it only works for me. other players have an issue selecting it. it would appear briefly and disappear. I am only allowing selected users access to wardrobe. but so far it only works for me.
    Hello there! I see from other threads that you help with scripting/editing. If possible, could you add my skype: christiankelley48 so we can discuss the details? I own a fallujah (dayzpriv hosted) server, needing script help/installation. Thanks for your time
    Ok got it to work with Base Building but Now I wanna add all the civilians skins Can you point me to a Tut on this please?
    also i got 1 new skin to work on page 2 of my wardrobe,but when i got to change to another skin i get this

    script wardrobe/skin_execute not found,.......and i cant use wardrobe after
    hey Fred
    first i just wanted to say thanks so much for the script's you have made. I have been messing around with the wardrobe script for a couple days now and was wondering if you could post a link to all the skins i can try out on my taviana server
    Huhu Fred, just want to remind you :) How to make a specific player's body hide instantly upon death.If you can add a timer I could use your Dead Player Journal too. You dont need to reply. Thx for your great scripts and help. Fred 4 President :)))
    Hey i have a quick question. Your host (which i am considering changing to) i am looking at the ordering screen and there is a permanent option for automatic whitelisting. Hence is your server whitelisted where they have to register or is it public and it isnt related? Thanks
    2- When changing to none DayZ clothing
    there legs break, bllod shows on pants and you hear them break.. actual bone does not brk though.

    BE/Gotcha also kicks or bans the player when the teleportation bug activates in most cases
    -- Relogging fixes this too.
    hi there...

    I am using freds wardrobe have been for a bit over a week... Awesome addition, however....

    1. When ppl switch to certain no dayz clothing a few things happen to them
    -- they get teleported to some where then end up on a beach some where else... OR __ they end up in the sky seemingliy falling forever.

    Could you help me with map porting? I started to create a new map on the 3D Editor and im about done with it and just need to port it over to me server... Just need to know how. Also do I need to add all the loot? or is that automatic with the server? If you can please get back to me asap it will be great. thank you for you help!
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