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  • I cant till if the AI care package drop is working on my server nothing appears in the rpt. log and there are no errors when i get ingame tho is there anyway to tell?
    Does the carepackage script still work? (It's 6+ months old, thought I'd ask before installing it.)

    hey dude, love youre mods :)
    was wondering if maybe you could lend me a helping hand?
    im working on this carepackage drop script, where players can go to a laptop i placed to call in an airdrop ... but im kinda stuck now ... :(
    everything is pretty much working as i want/expectet, but theres one minor detail i just cant seem to figure out ... maybe you can help me?
    Gorsy. love your mods. lets get to the point. i need help with some of them and i need it bad. i am willing to pay $$ for fixes / help thanks
    yeh its meters, alot of the code has changed in 1.8, but i run overwatch servers, so im waiting for them to finish the code,
    In the repair and refuel script, is the distance measured in meters?

    asking about this part:
    "_distance = 50; // Distance from object to display Refuel Message"

    Also, will this work with 1.8? I dont see why it shouldn't and will know later today for sure, but figured you may already know.
    you set 2 way points in your server_monitor. Sorry only got back from being away a couple of weeks ago, still playing catchup
    About your Car Drop script, how do I make it so it drops only 1-2 per plane? Also, is there a way to make it so it can drop more than 1 type of car?
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