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  • I cant till if the AI care package drop is working on my server nothing appears in the rpt. log and there are no errors when i get ingame tho is there anyway to tell?
    Does the carepackage script still work? (It's 6+ months old, thought I'd ask before installing it.)

    hey dude, love youre mods :)
    was wondering if maybe you could lend me a helping hand?
    im working on this carepackage drop script, where players can go to a laptop i placed to call in an airdrop ... but im kinda stuck now ... :(
    everything is pretty much working as i want/expectet, but theres one minor detail i just cant seem to figure out ... maybe you can help me?
    Fell free to ask questions, but i rarely log on here anymore, just annoys me to see scripts we never released publically all over the place. Hate releasing scripts that arnt finished
    thanks .. i fixed this already tho, you should check it out ;)
    i got a few other problems now ... like i cant seem to make the plane drop at the right time (or rather when i want it to drop). :(

    .. and i would love to know how i can make the server do the drop, so the ai and plane dosnt get stuck at the waypoint and does nothing, if the player dies
    Gorsy. love your mods. lets get to the point. i need help with some of them and i need it bad. i am willing to pay $$ for fixes / help thanks
    Sorry dude, inbetween running my servers which are top 3 in the world, I just dont have the time to help these days, best to get in touch with p2, he has more time on his hands than i do, and knows my mods well
    yeh its meters, alot of the code has changed in 1.8, but i run overwatch servers, so im waiting for them to finish the code,
    In the repair and refuel script, is the distance measured in meters?

    asking about this part:
    "_distance = 50; // Distance from object to display Refuel Message"

    Also, will this work with 1.8? I dont see why it shouldn't and will know later today for sure, but figured you may already know.
    you set 2 way points in your server_monitor. Sorry only got back from being away a couple of weeks ago, still playing catchup
    About your Car Drop script, how do I make it so it drops only 1-2 per plane? Also, is there a way to make it so it can drop more than 1 type of car?
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