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    Safe Zone Log Punish Help

    Yes please. Thanks much.
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    Prevent Nukes

    It sends out an alert to all who posted in here. Its a 3 not 2 year old post i did check the dates. Thanks!
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    Prevent Nukes

    Pretty much what the owner of dead cell SyCo told me. Now we are always being hacked.
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    Help with SnapbuildPro+IndestructibleItems and Vectors (Vectors, that`s my problem)

    I had a problem with vectors on GTX before i got my dedi. I did find a way to get it to work. When it ask to paste the vector degrees and them in the cfg mission side instead of where it asks. If your with gtx that is.
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    Big Humanity Change with launchers and satchels

    When a player kills another it lowers there humanity a ton when they use metis launcher or satchels chargers then removes there gear. Any one know of a fix?
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    Safe Zone Log Punish Help

    I would like to teleport players out of safezone to a random place when they relog back into server. I have tried for weeks to get something working and nothing lol.
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    Adding static weapons

    I spawn static weapons with right clicking gems works great. EXAMPLE ["ItemRuby",[0,5,2],5,0.99,true,false,false,false,false,true,true,["M2StaticMG_US_EP1"],[],["ItemRuby"],"true"],
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    Random Humanity Loss and Character Duping

    Having this massive humanity loss happen with metis launcher and satchel charges on my server also it removes gear.
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    A problem with AI vehicle patrols

    I think you may have posted this.. It works great even with helicopters and static weapons like the m2. Had to change some stuff in mine since we made hero and bandit ai for dzms, should have a better m2 placement...
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    Active Player Reward System

    This works great. You can edit how much to give and times that each reward.