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  • You just got done updating this mod and they go and throw 1.8 at you haha poor bugger. Does this admin tool still work on 1.8? Im using the older version not 2.0
    Hey man I just want to clarify something.... if Im not familiar with editing battle eye, should I not attempt to update my admin tools to version 2.0? I have the earlier version running just fine... let me know thanks
    Hey do you think you could fix my admin tools i have really tried to fix them myself first
    Hey Man, Noticied you were a HERO when it comes to saving bambi administrators. Anyway, I'm trying to get Blue Phoenix to work on my server, I need an admin tool TSW sucks. I really would love to spectate players and such to find hackers. I can send my pbo files, if you like. I appreciate any help! Thank you!
    ohhh yea I didn't mess with the server PBO when I installed it.. too lazy I guess. The update objects and the other one, I forget. So when you say, to work with, was there a version that wasn't working? Is there a way to make the vehicle look N repair a permanent repair, instead of just tricking the server into thinking its fine but as soon as it takes any amount of damage it completely reverts to trashed?
    hey man, just curious what you changed/fixed with the admin tool. I currently have Phoenix's version running on my server, and just about everything works fine, except the vehicles despawn a few seconds after I spawn them (even though I have the antihack line in my init.sqf quoted out) Anyways, could you elaborate on what you did? If theres some decent changes I might install your edited version. thanks
    i need help when i access my server my friends and get stuck in loading character data please wait i am also using dayzcc please help
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