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    [REQUEST] Vehicle doesn't spawn

    # maximum number of INSTANCE id's USED. #----------------------------------------------- DECLARE sInstance VARCHAR(8) DEFAULT 1; [Err] 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DECLARE...
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    [REQUEST] Vehicle respawn

    Could somebody explain how this works and how I increase numbers without having to mainly put 30 vehicles in myself everyday It seems pmain is not spawning any vehicles after they have been destroyed. I started with 53 vehicles and now I have less than 30.
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    Your IP address has been banned.

    Seems my work IP is a victim of these as well
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    Excelsior Bridge - Chernarus

    No I gave up and removed it
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    Animated Helicrashs 0.1 - Release

    seems to be working so far. have heard reports of flying heli's. not seen one crash yet but early days
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    Excelsior Bridge - Chernarus

    well this is doing my nut in. Paste the code fails. Used the mission file WM Pegz supplied. Had to remove the extra code for the refueling and loading it up. Bridge was in. First part on mainland seemed to have a duplicate part at an angle. Removed it. Other end of the bridge same...
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    Base Building DayZ 1.2 Released

    is the saving on restart fixed yet?
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    [REQUEST] Custom Loadouts

    Guess this will not be implemented?
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    who knows with dayz patch's. a month?
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    So 1.7.7 will hopefully hit the streets soon. What sort of private hive support will we see considering most have given up now. V1.7.7.DEV - Dev Release info Next Build Community Change log: * [Prerequisites] New mission file downloaded from (http://www.silentspy...sion-generator/) *...
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    Unable to get night time working

    never mind i will figure this out myself. Cba with the standard "have you turned it off answers"
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    dayZ Street Lights

    nice work!
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    [REQUEST] Custom Loadouts

    Aye!! Looking to move hosts tomorrow and I need a new/better Hive as DayZCC is not pleasing me currently. this is also one thing stopping me form moving over
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    [REQUEST] Custom Loadouts

    Any news on this? IS it not possible to copy the way Bliss implemented it?
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    SARGE AI Framework - Public Release

    I have halved the spawn chances of the AI to see if that kerbs it. strange thing is after a reboot it never happened with 17 players online. AI halved anyway as the default seemed a bit to much. Thanks for that!