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  • Hi maca ;)
    Can you help me to double the maximum of the building height in epoch please ? I just dont can find anything about that and i dont can receive any answer, if i ask the world of forums ;)

    And my last question you probably heard so much, but is there a way to get your gold coins script ? ;)

    Thx and have a nice evening !
    Hi Maca, i've been watching some of your topics. Just wondered if you decided to release the gold coin currency? All the best. Rob
    Hello, I have a problem to install on my server tasks dayz epoch could you help me?

    (I'm french sorry I use google translation)
    hey i'm having trouble getting your trader menu dialogs working with epoch the dialogs pop up but says loading items once you click the first menu item on the left, any ideas?
    Hi Maca, I've been told you were excellent at Epoch fixes, cheers to that, Im trying to install some mods (remove clothes/trader menus) that require fn_selfActions.sqf to be modified. Is it possible to access that file without unpacking with PBO editor? My host is Vilayer
    hey maca, do u have a custom loadout script for epoch, and a custom spawn point for epoch? I would like for my donators to be able to spawn inside there domes. I will donate whatever you need if you can help me out with these two things, thanks man. Ur a mad scientist!! I'll pay ya through paypal.
    a friend of mine told me you were REALLY good with epoch. (MrGrimm)
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