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    [Help] BDC's Prevent Loot and Zed Spawn (Safe Zones) for

    I'm having trouble getting this working with 1.8.2. It prevents loot from spawning, however it does not stop the zombies from appearing. Has anyone else had any luck?
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    DayZ Logger - detailed character logs

    Would this be able to log player kills and bullet hits?
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    CBA Battleye Filters problem

    Thanks ShootingBlanks, I'll take ask on there as well then. I managed to solve a lot of the problems relating to CBA myself in the end, but then my battleye ended up kicking for nearly everything. I recently updated my mod to run on 1.8.2 and since then battleye started kicking for all custom...
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    CBA Battleye Filters problem

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had included CBA in their mod and had any information for me. I'm trying to get it working on my server, however I can't find any information on adding battleye filters to the scripts.txt. If anyone can help or has the exceptions available at hand I'd be...
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    Tips for vert hosting

    James is very good at giving support, however he lives in NZ so the back and forth is a little slow, but generally if you have any dire problems he will have the solution to it. Vehicle spawns and objects are held on your phpMyAdmin database, under the object_data and object_spawns tables.
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    DayZeta Roleplaying Community

    Vopsound, various vilas weapon packs, a few different unit packs, alongside Lingor and Lingor Units. The mod/server runs on DayZ Mod 1.8.1 at the moment, with various tweaks and code additions to cater for roleplaying.
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    DayZeta Roleplaying Community

    Welcome to DayZeta, an independent DayZ roleplaying mod and community for Arma II. Explore the beautiful paradise island of Lingor, filled with surprise and mystery at every corner. Placing players in a sandbox environment, DayZeta allows role players the ability to create their own story and...
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    DayZ Private Server Files Pack (1.8.8)

    Asked this in another thread but i'm yet to get any help and it's really bugging me. I've rebuild the dayz_code pbo but I cant seem to get it working on pwnoz0rs server. The problem I'm having is that when players reach 0 blood, instead of dying like they should do, they stop bleeding and start...
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    players stop bleeding/no death from blood loss

    Still having this problem, any ideas anyone?
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    players stop bleeding/no death from blood loss

    Pulling my hair out on this one for a few days, so if anyone could help me out I'd be really appreciative. I'm running Dayz 1.8.1 on pwnoz0rs server pack with bluephoenix admin tools and fred's wardrobe. The problem I'm having is that when players reach 0 blood, instead of dying like they...
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    [Release] Fred's Wardrobe v1.0.2

    Well, I got it to work finally. It's a bit different to Fred's way of calling PID but it works... Gonna switch them to arrays but lets see how this works out for now :D Thanks me, for the help (and 2 hours of fiddling about)
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    [Release] Fred's Wardrobe v1.0.2

    g Getting the same problem as this guy, can't seem to figure out what is wrong.
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    [Release] Fred's Wardrobe v1.0.2

    What I meant by this is that I want different menus selected for a player designated in an array. I've got this so far, but it doesn't want to load any UID to a menu, and doesn't show the default menu at all. When I select "Wardrobe" nothing happens at all. This is what I have so far...
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    Random Spawn Skins in 1.8.1

    Managed to figure it out after bashing my head against a wall for a few hours. I edited in the gender selection part from an older version where it was skipped on the player monitor into the latest version, so it forces all characters to be male. If anyone wants some help on this I will go...