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    Need help with lift/towing Dayz Epoch

    Shouldnt there be a semi colon (; ) at the end of the class RscTitles { #include "addons\R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG\desc_rsct_include.h" class Header { in the description file?
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    Sahrani map, problems with mods and missions

    I was wondering if anyone fancies giving me a hand sorting out my server, or point me in the right direction. Im currently setting up a Sahrani Epoch server (its an amazing map btw guys!!) and getting a few problems with implementing the odd script here and there. I was wondering if anyone...
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    Hey Guys

    Firstly i know that alot of people on this forum, have been putting in a shed load of time into Sahrani.. It really does have MASSIVE potential.. and although a little empty in area's... is one very very nice map.. The scale of it.. is mind blowing. We have a server that is currently setup but...