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    Heisenberg's Hideout! Come join us!

    Our server is fresh with Epoch on Chernarus, It has many nice features with more coming soon! Server website: Server: TS: Server Features: Custom anti-hacks Added weapons and...
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    Canadaland! Epoch | 300 plus vehicles | Custom buildings | Custom antihax | Active admins

    Map: Chernarus We use Dami's custom antihax, my custom building placements through out the map (lots of barracks!), AI missions and more! Active admins: Robb(Owner) and Andros Come join our TS @ ! Server IP: !
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    I'm looking to hire a coder.

    I wrote back. haha
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    I'm looking to hire a coder.

    I just need some help with admin tools and some other scripts I want on my server. I'm wanting an auto refuel script, heli lift and tow, admin tools, take clothes from the dead. I have a working debug monitor and a custom load screen. I just don't have the patience to do the more difficult...
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    Increasing or decreasing heli spawn crashes

    Hey guys, I'm so confused here.. Could one of you help me with my code? I want to make a good number of crash helis spawn in one server cycle. Can you rewrite this code to make this happen? Thanks.. // [_guaranteedLoot, _randomizedLoot, _frequency, _variance, _spawnChance, _spawnMarker...