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    PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) (HardCore Survival)

    PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) (HardCore Survival) Uk Chenarus Server PlayStation Gas drops on player spawn points to stop camping Boosted Claymore/M79/Plastic explosives PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) Biggest squad 3-4 players at the moment squad and lone wolves welcome Zombies at heli...
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    Zone 2 Day Z PS4/PS5 (64 Slot) UK PVP Fresh Wipe

    Low/mid pop but running for over 1 year non toxic admin use EU filter to find us Loot Boosted By 600% Boosted Heli Crashes/Xmas Trees & Santa Sleigh Boosted Food Spawns on Coast No Nighttime at all/Long Dayz Kos allowed everywhere/Base Raiding allowed always boosted ammo and building...
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    Zone 2 NoKOS/LootX500/NoBaseDamage (PS4)

    50 slot UK based server base raiding on weekends only been running for 7 months now friendly discord and nontoxic community No Kos outside of military areas, if someone aims a gun at you or has a gun out you can shoot them then tell admin Long dayz,darker night time trucks spawn...
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    Zone 2 Cars/Loot/CustomSpawns 50 slot UK PS4/PS5 Server

    UK/US/AU Members use Europe filter in-game to find us Boosted loot Boosted Building Supplies chernarus with boosted bears and wolves Custom Spawns, NWAF, INLAND, and 2 at the coast normal zombies drop food and drinks army zombies drop bags and ammo No Base Damage Mon-Friday Loyal players...
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    Dayz PS4/PS5 UK SERVER : Zone 2 Cars/Loot/CustomSpawns

    70 slot UK sever recently upgraded from 30 as we were close to full pop x500 boosted loot trucks and cars (Just need water) spawn working custom spawn points 2 on the coast in electro and solnechey, 1 at the nwaf and one near tisy boosted building supplies weekend base damage/raiding...
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    Brand New Dayz PS4 UK 70 SLOT SERVER

    Hi everyone I would like to invite you all to my 70 slot PS4 Chenarus server before you read the server rules too not waste your time the server is new so if you do join there may be a time when the server is low population, everyone from every country is welcome. Clan warfare Server No Kos...