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    Be prepared its coming...... DayZ End Game

    i know dayz is on its last legs and soon it be a different style of game all together, not so much survive as raiding PVP styled as we got in overpoch where not many friendlies out side of your group and such, but some grabs there look like SA, i cant wait to try this and see it get attention...
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    Free Antihack - needs updated

    i once had a folder called lets call it "something X" which i used to spawn guns in with SP mode in arma to do dome DOPE testing on all dayz allowed guns in my arma game folder and joined a server i knew had infistar and got instabanned. lucky the owner of the server was cool and even though he...
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    Sarge are you still around and still interested in the mod?

    i personally think sarge is the best AI out, just missing few things and they be perfect additions to the dayz world, pity its gone left behind, but still use it over others,