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    I've never had trouble setting up your DayZ server files before but after this new update it won't setup now. Can you update your server files to 1.8.6 and repost.
    Pwnoz0r, hey... I am getting a weird error from the MySQL database... I need to change the in the file with (bind-address) in either the my.ini(its not in that one) or in the my.cnf. I am getting a. "error 2003 (hy000) can't connect to mysql on ''" Any thoughts?
    I asked for the reply to my tutorial Dynamic Survivor Cities that held my patch notes to be removed and it appears my entire tutorial was deleted. Would it e possible to have it restored please?
    Hey there Pwnoz0r - I would like to advertise my server. I asked you the same question a while back but had no response. I know the server advert section is a crowded but I believe I have something different to offer this community. I have released a couple of mods and contributed to discussions.
    I wanted to advertise my server on the Server Advertisement thread, but It says I do not have the right perms... Not sure if I'm missing something obvious, I have read over my account, no strikes that I can see... So could you contact me or reply to this .... I'm probably missing something obvious.

    I would like to advertise my dayz server, however there seems to be now way of posting. Can you let me know what I'm doing wrong.

    Many thanks,


    I have been locked out of my old account for opendayz, and I cannot recover it because the verification box is broken on the website. Could you be able to help me get my account back by sending me a PM on my new account now.

    Hope your well...

    I am beating myself up trying to understand why my Lingor 1.3 freshly loaded server and database is not spawning vehicles. I am hosted by Vert and they have been very helpful. But are just as puzzled as to why I can't get a single vehicle to spawn. Please give me a clue where to start... And yes Google is my friend... that's how I got here...


    Hey, do have an idea why there are no vehicles spawning on my server? I use your server pack, mod v.1.8.1... I ran the stored procedures, the spawns are written to the object_data table but they don´t show up ingame. Log sayz nothing related to it. Any idea?
    Hi mate! :)

    I have a question.

    I'm looking for the long time the server files of island life to create my server but i can not find anything.

    Your know where I can find them? If necessary make a donation I will make it through files.

    Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience.

    [Google translation]
    You are a busy man... but you've done some amazing things. Thank you for all of your hard work in making DayZ better!
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