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  • Hey, could u maybe put in the right direction on maybe some posts about how i can add lootable fire station shops to my dayz st server?.. thnx
    Stapo podrias ayudarme con Gcam???

    Hi I have a private server Dayz but I can not walk the GCAM not happen to be as a spectator ... preciono "or" and nothing happens
    Hey man just wanted to message you here about the load outs but did you check out how the people that have the reallity server pack did it. I tried there pack out and it's a lot of steps to get up and running so I'm not a fan lol. Still usen yours for sure and I'm trying every day to work the files to make a load out work and still no luck :'(
    Added you to skype re; Stapo / DayZ-Private-Server-Lite-Namalsk

    Need some help ;(
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