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    Welcome to DayZ Banjaxed

    Reality server file not release?
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    [WIP] Sauerland

    saurland.rar is CRC error :(
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    Old Fields Base

    Not found.
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    T.H.P.L Server is here

    Howdy. Welcome to my server. Survivor,Hero,Bandit,Clan ...... All welcome !! 【Server Name】 DayZ Civilian - (1.0.2/103718)[VETERAN CH:OFF][GMT+9] -SilentChernarus- Steam Group/Dayz JP - CLAN T.H.P.L Server IP: Location:JPN 【Server feature】 ADD Objects(MAP edited...
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    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    Sorry,I forget adding. My settings will be like this. sounds[] = { bark,growl,introSong,playerSnoring,nam,eve,puk };
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    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    I use descrExt.h,It is fine work. My descrExt.h is introSong & Dogsound,Airraidsirens,Tentsleepsounds inside. class CfgSounds in description.ext is not work. class CfgSounds { sounds[] = { bark,growl }; class bark { name="bark"...
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    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    I changed Line 133. 5 "rspawn" !"rspawn = 'spawn'" !"rspawncode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'spawn.sqf')" !"rspawncode" to 5 "rspawn" !"rspawn = 'spawn'" !"rspawncode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'spawn.sqf')" !"rspawncode" !"playerspawn.sqf"...
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    NEW Weapon Suggestions!

    Gauss Rifle from S.T.A.L.K.E.R!! Rail Gun? It not true:D
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    Accelerated Time

    CoD = Call of DayZ ?
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    DayZ SilentCelle - (1.9/103419) [Veteran|CH:OFF] DayZ JP T.H.P.L Server

    Here is Silent Hill ...? No. Here is Silent Celle !! Survivor,Hero,Bandit,Clan ...... All welcome !! Cry for fear and Have a fun;) DayZ SilentCelle - (1.9/103419) [Veteran|CH:OFF] [Any Customize] DayZ JP T.H.P.L Server| IP: Port:2302 Hosted by HFB Servers...
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    dayZ Street Lights

    My fog setting is class Item3 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={9030.6191,14.67,2713.5688}; id=2...
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    dayZ Street Lights

    This script is working very well in my Celle server. Thx Axeman;)
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    [INFO] Trinity Island

    Mitsubishi Lancers !! Yeah !!
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    Celle Bug Reports

    I can understand. Zombie has been actively attacked when using normal ammunition to P90 SD, even though such sounds should be small. I use the guns and ammunition of the same attribute. It seems the same thing is happening in other firearm silencer.