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  1. Donnovan

    [Support] ESSV2

    Hi. When nom-admin players choose halo spawn, they are teleported to a dark area and die after some seconds. I'm using the last infiStar and Epoch. No error on log. No hack attempt on infiStar log. Thankyou!
  2. Donnovan

    infiStar creating problems on DayZ Vanilla server

    I had a very unstable DayZ Vanilla server, many problems was related to player login anomalies and some other strange things. I removed infiStar and everything runs ok now. For Epoch infiStar was allways wonderfull for me... but my experience witth infiStar and DayZ Vanilla was not good, sadly...
  3. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    You can use the tranlation button to translate the site:
  4. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    The video is in a foreign language, but i hope you can enjoy it:
  5. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    I'm trying to use ambient life module on it. May be ambient animals and vehicles too, if not hurts fps.
  6. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    Thankyou ShoothingBlanks, I downloaded Lingo. Really impressive map. I got low fps on some areas. Takistan runs completelly smoth for me. But since the mod is easilly ported to any map, i will make some tests on Lingor soom.
  7. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    I will take a look at Lingor. Its not hard to port the mod to other maps. Lingor is a custom map?
  8. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    SAVED ON BD: Player: -health -position and angle -gear -backpack -model type -weapon on hand -player xp -your group -how starve you are -how thirst you are Vehicles: -position and angle -gear -no damage is saved so the vehicle regenerate on server restart. Destroyed vehicles are removed from...
  9. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    Hi! Like some may know, i'm making a mod. At date it don't need any new content. For the map it uses the map Takistan, original from the game. If you want to try, join You need to disable any other mod in the game Expansions menu (like DayZ Epoch, DayZ Vanilla, etc), and...
  10. Donnovan

    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    Any self blood bag that works with DayZ Vanilla Tahnk you!
  11. Donnovan

    Vehicle Patrol in a Specific Area

    Hi! On DZAI, bots can eventually enter in trade citys like Stary?
  12. Donnovan

    [Support] DZGM

    ebay, i put the change on my server and after some time asked to the players if the Groups was working correctly, they sayd yes. So i believe its ok.
  13. Donnovan

    [Support] DZGM

    ebay, Do you believe i can have this... "currentInvites" addPublicVariableEventHandler {publicVariable "currentInvites";}; ...inside broadcaster.sqf instead of this... while {true} do { waitUntil {!isNil "currentInvites"}; _currentInvites = str(currentInvites); publicVariable...
  14. Donnovan

    Custom Buildings - Exec SQF Way

    How can the server not know about the buildings if createVehicle creats the building in all clients + server?
  15. Donnovan

    [READ ME] Do NOT advertise your server here!

    No problem, Bro.
  16. Donnovan

    [READ ME] Do NOT advertise your server here!

    Really bad server ad, never saw one like that. Mine is in my signature.
  17. Donnovan

    [READ ME] Do NOT advertise your server here!

    This is the right place to advertise your server: But you need to have permission.
  18. Donnovan

    [READ ME] Do NOT advertise your server here! I don't have permission to post my server on this link. How can i get permission? Thankyou.
  19. Donnovan

    Server performance

    Ebay, this processor (Xeon E5-1620 v2) is show to have 3.7 Ghz on Intel site, with a boost to 3.9 Ghz. To reach 3.9 Ghz you need to disable 1 or 2 cores and turn it in a triple/dual core processor? I had your old processor, E3-1240v2, and it can reach 3.8 Ghz with two cores disabled. Can you...
  20. Donnovan

    [Support] ESS

    Except for Bandit, Hero, and VIP classes, all others spawn with just a MakarovSD. The problem is the MakarovSD does not shot until you press f one or two times or remove and put the weapon again. Anyone is having this problem? Epoch