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    DisableUserInput will only work the first time I fall unconscious

    After that, there is some script that is preventing this command to be used. So after the first time I fall unconscious i can use bandages and stuff and be able to move around. (The first unconscious works fine) Thanks! Im playing Original Dayz mod 1.8
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    Hi, Quick Question: How do I enable debug markers

    I dont see debug markers as an option in the config file. I can see the AI's spawning in the .rpt file, but i have yet to actually see one ingame. I don't why. Please help ASAP Thanks in advanced
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    Changing the loot that the Ai's drop

    How would I be able to change the loot that the ai's have on them, in the config i see //Number of selections of medical items (Inventory) DZAI_invmedicals = 2; //Number of selections of edible items (Inventory) DZAI_invedibles = 3; //Number of...
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    dayz origins sarge ai?

    Is there any way possible that i can get dayz origins to work with this AI system?