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  1. Inkko

    Vehicle Texture concept

    Was thinking about a way to spice up the look of vehicles and smashed out a script. Completely untested at the moment, don't have any textures either but is this something anyone would be looking interested in? Pretty much there would be select vehicles with "additional" textures that could be...
  2. Inkko

    Chernarus Map Additions

    Since I've stopped running servers I've gone through some of the map additions I made in the 3D editor and thought I'd release them. Some are heavy loot areas and others are just small additions to kind of fill in some areas. May update this post if I find anymore on my PC since I remember...
  3. Inkko

    Player Menu GUI

    Would anyone be interested in a release of the old player menu I had on my server? Pictures included of what it did, I had it fairly versatile since that is what my player base wanted but definitely some settings would take away from the atmosphere of the game. Or if anyone who would want it...
  4. Inkko

    Enhanced Balota

    I created my own map addition to Balota a while back and thought I'd finally share it. Took me a couple days to put it all together, does require custom loot tables if you want loot to spawn in the @MAP addon buildings. Adds a runway with some dirt roads, some additional military buildings...
  5. Inkko

    Loadout Script

    I created a loadout script a while ago, since dayz doesn't have the hive 999 call anymore, is anyone interested in something like this at all? Its a server side/mission side addon. All loadout info is stored server side so there is no re-downloading the mission file with every change and...
  6. Inkko

    addPublicVariableEventHandler help

    I'm having an issue with broadcasting messages server side to clients. I have the addPublicVariableEventHandler setup client side in publicEH.sqf and have that moved into my mission. Server side when I broadcast the publicvariable nothing happens. It is as if the publicVariable isn't actually...
  7. Inkko

    Dialog Listbox Help

    I have a dialog I created. Rscpicture as the background for it, list box on the left side and a RscStructuredText on the right. When opening the dialog it loads text into the list box and a message into the structured text. What I am trying to figure out is how to load specific text into the...
  8. Inkko

    DayZ Vehicle DB error

    I've had this issue for a while but it has been annoying me an I cannot seem to figure out the cause of it. I have a bunch of custom vehicle spawns that I have an event scheduled to INSERT IGNORE into the vehicle table so that all the vehicles are constantly being refreshed when destroyed. In...
  9. Inkko

    help with addwaypoint

    I'm trying to use addwaypoint to help direct a player to get to a spot but upon using it, it will create the waypoint but there is apparently another waypoint already so it creates a line from below kamenka to wherever I placed my waypoint. How can I make it not create that line and instead...
  10. Inkko

    Simple quest system for 1.8.5

    Would anyone like to help out with a simple quest system for DayZ 1.8.5? Would give players more to do, reward players for certain things etc. Would have AI around the map players can talk to to start quests, rewards would be weapons, vehicles, supplies, etc. Would anyone be interested in...
  11. Inkko

    Dialog question

    recently figure out how to create dialogs and was wondering about something with them. If I have several different dialogs, is it bad to have the same names for dialogs if they just have different text fields? like this? Can I use the same IDD/IDC for all of them if I'm not calling a script...
  12. Inkko

    Loot drop event based on sensors?

    I always come up with random ideas and end up dropping them haha... but not this time! Oh ya and this idea is for dayz 1.8.5 I was thinking about something like an event for players, not like the crash sites how they'll randomly spawn around the map, but more like an area specific event for...
  13. Inkko

    Epoch/overpoch offline base defense

    Anyone know of a script that would help players with base defense while offline? or would want to work on a script with me to get one working? I was thinking of making spawnable AI to guard ones base that will only go away if killed or the player turns them off but I lack knowledge in some...
  14. Inkko

    Roaming Trader script.

    I was thinking about creating a script for epoch/overpoch to make a trader that changes locations every X amount of time. It would be setup as so: All server side: Trader skin is randomly selected from an array, and text for traders marker is selected based on skin. Then the trader is spawned...
  15. Inkko

    R3F Logistics updated configuration

    I'm working on updating the R3F towing script so that the towing is more configurable in regards to larger towing smaller. I've been using R3F towing and logistics for quite a while now and the entire time the one thing that bothered me was seeing smaller vehicles being able to tow larger...
  16. Inkko

    1.8.3 Humanity change not working?

    I update my server the other day to 1.8.3 and Humanity changes seem to not function at all. Anyone else had this issue or is it just me? I'm about to just script in a while loop to fix it since its being a pain.
  17. Inkko

    pMain not spawning vehicles

    I have a server with vilayer and since the 1.8.1 update and I have tried running pMain to spawn vehicles in. I've the maxnum in object_class to a higher number for everything. I have created a bunch of additional spawn points for vehicles and added them to the object_spawns. I've edited pMain to...
  18. Inkko

    1.8.1 humanity resetting

    I'm not sure what is occurring, but it seems like ever since the 1.8.1 update humanity for players is getting randomly reset. I run infistar as well which might be doing it. Has anyone else had this issue?
  19. Inkko

    [WIP/RELEASE] Client Sided Crafting Menu

    Client Sided Crafting v.01a This moves over the built in crafting system in DayZ 1.8.1 (works with as well) and allows you to modify, add, or remove recipes from the built in crafting system. Requirements (PBO Manager and Notepad ++ recommended) Moderate = Orange >10 < 30 (may take...
  20. Inkko

    Mission Sided Crafting Menu 1.8.1

    I've had the built in crafting menu that is in 1.8.1 mission sided to where I can add in my own crafting recipes. I've had it since but have just kept it to myself for a while due to certain people wanting it and those certain people hacking my server repeatedly. If people would like me...