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  1. Donnovan

    infiStar creating problems on DayZ Vanilla server

    I had a very unstable DayZ Vanilla server, many problems was related to player login anomalies and some other strange things. I removed infiStar and everything runs ok now. For Epoch infiStar was allways wonderfull for me... but my experience witth infiStar and DayZ Vanilla was not good, sadly...
  2. Donnovan

    BR PVP - New Mod

    Hi! Like some may know, i'm making a mod. At date it don't need any new content. For the map it uses the map Takistan, original from the game. If you want to try, join You need to disable any other mod in the game Expansions menu (like DayZ Epoch, DayZ Vanilla, etc), and...
  3. Donnovan

    Vehicle Patrol in a Specific Area

    Hi, I want to know if its possible to create a vehicle patrol in the custom city in my server? I already have spawned bots in the city, but i want ot make it hard for the people going there with armored & armed vehicles. I loved DZAI! Thankyou!
  4. Donnovan

    [Help] Donn Chocolat Tools

    Hi, Here a brief description of Chocolat Tools: You can access the release topic on the section Script/Addon releases, or by this link:
  5. Donnovan

    Donn Chocolat Tools

    Chocolat Tools is a Self Action Option that you can turn on/off any moment. Chocolat Tools Off: Game plays as normal. Chocolat Tools On: 1) Land vehicles *1000 m arround player have a chance of *50% to be show on map: - Turn on/off Chocolat Tools don't change the land vehicles that are...
  6. Donnovan

    Find Vehicles Around Player

    This commands: position = [4550, 6200]; scanrad = 3000; helicrashes = nearestObjects [position, ["UH1Wreck_DZ"], scanrad]; Will find all the crashed helicopters (["UH1Wreck_DZ"]), 3000 meters around the position (4550, 6200), and store the list of finds in "helicrashes". 1) POSITION TO AROUND...
  7. Donnovan

    Make Deployable Bikes Not Disapears on Server Restart

    I have a Deploy Bike script, and when it deploy a bike it set the bike ObjectUID to 1 and its ObjectID also to 1. 1 is the value for objects that does not save on the MySql database? Can i set different ID and UID (not 1) and let the bike save on the database and "survive" a server restart...
  8. Donnovan

    How to Know if the Player is Standing up (not Proned or Crouched)?

    Hi, I need to know if the player is standing up, so i make he stands, if he is not. Private ["_isStanding"]; _isStanding = ??? if (!_isStanding) then { player playAction "playerStand"; } _isStanding must be True, if player is standing, and False, if player is not standing. Or just...