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    Red Dragon Gaming Mil-Spec OverWatch Server

    Hey Forum. Just wanted to re-introduce the Red Dragon Gaming Overwatch server to the community. I have played on many Overwatch server and this one by far is the most custom and action packed. We cater to both people who like PvP & PvE. I am going to list every this server has...
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    Latest Overwatch News?

    Ok I am back after getting burnt out running a server. Shooting Blanks whats the latest news on Overwatch?
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    How to update Server To 1.63?

    My Overwatch server is on 1.62 how do I update it to 1.63. I tried using dazy commander and just updating thru there but the oaserver.exe still shows 1.62 Can you guys steer me in the right direction?
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    Switching A Server From One Mod To Another

    I have a question. I am running a Overwatch server which I and poured my heart and soul into but our traffic is not getting any better. We had a peak on gametracker of 689 but now are just above 1000. Myself and the owner are considering shutting it down for good. Then I thought of the idea of...
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    Ravens Broken In Overwatch

    Anyone else who runs a overwatch server know why or if the Ravens are broken? I can build the raven but I can launch or throw it. Selecting the action does nothing.
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    Look Keys Broken

    I am running a Overwatch server. Not sure what I did but my look keys (the ones on the number pad) are broken theyu no longer work. Remapping them to the same keys worked but remapping them to different keys did. Funny thing this is only on my server. I joined other overwatch servers and other...
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    Crafting In Dayz

    Anyone mod the exsisting crafting script to include even more items? Looking for an crafting script that has many more items than the default.
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    A10/AH64D/Mi24_D Thru DataBase

    Tried to get these to spawn in by adding them to the database and commented them out the dayz_amin.pbo but I am still getting this error in the RPT log. Any ideas? 11:32:16 Cannot create entity with abstract type A10 (scope = private?) 11:32:16 Cannot create non-ai vehicle A10, 11:32:16 "OBJ...
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    [Request] Prison

    Ahhh just saw someone did the entire prison from walking dead. It was pretty damn epic but he didnt share the .sqf with anyone just kind of showed it off. I have added allot of extra items to my server but a prison is the last thing I want to add. I saw one posted here in map additions but...
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    Once And For All. How Do You Spawn Banned Vehciles In Game?

    Ok I am running a 0.2.5 Overwatch server and I'd like to spawn some banned vehicles in game. How do you do this? The one long thread on here does not work. I am willing to work offline with someone via Skype or Teamspeak in order to get this done. I have some ideas in my head for rewards to give...
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    Server time Stuck

    My server time is stuck at 12:30pm. I have it set to 12:30 in both the cleanup and server monitor. I'd like for it to work on normal time (est) but maybe 2 hours behind. So say it gets dark 8:00pm est where the server is I wan to set it back doesnt get dark until 2:00am east until about 8:30am...
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    Unlocking Additional Military Vehicles WITHOUT RMod - How?

    Ok the one thread here on how to unlock banned vehciles didnt work whatsoever. I am trying to unlock the the Mi-24 Himd , The A10 and AH64. IMy server is running the latest Overwatch and I am using Dami Anti-hack. In a perfect world I'd like to just be able to spawn them in with the admin tools...
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    Loving 1.9.9

    I have been using your DZAI on my server since day 1. What I didnt know was update today I was using 1.5.5...yeah I know CRAZY old. Well it didnt take much at all for me to upgrade to 1.9.9 an I love it. LOL love that I can put A.I. in cars now. All I needed to do was cut and paste my custom...
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    What do you guya know about this? I went to a server and saw someone had this setup with A.I. in partol cars in electro. Cool as shit. I dont want to be bitter and do the same thing but I was thinking of having groups of 2 or 3 vehilces of bandits...
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    Red Dragons Custom Overwatch Server | Custom Weapons | Attack A.I. Bases | Exotic Loot

    This is co-owenr/admin of Red Dragon Gaming. We have just created a brand new Overwatch Private Server tailored to players who enjoy the Pve aspect of Dayz over the KoS they've experienced on most other servers. We have a small community of players who are VERY friendly and usually team...
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    Private Ammo Boxes

    On my server I have protected bases. Instead of owners having a zillion tents all around. I'd like to provide base owners with empty ammo boxes that they can put all their gear in. Also as a additional option (if I was going to place this in a non protected base) I would like it to be only to be...
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    Zombie Hoard

    It would be nice if there could be a script to create a zombie hoard at random times and random locations on the map. say 20-100 zombies at any one time. in a group. Would be a sight to see. The hoard wouldnt appear as a marker on the map like A.I. missions that pop up. You would just bup into...
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    A.I. Base Guards

    How would I do the following? I want to have A.I. guard player donor bases. Here is how I'd like it to work. When other players besides the base\clan owners (based on PUID/GUID) enter within a certani distance of the base (kind of like the protected bubbles script) then the A.I. Spawn in at...
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    Changing Loot Tables

    I would like to know is there anyway to add AKM mags and AK-74 Mags to ammo boxes and have them in the loot table. It never made sense to me fit this is a Eastern Bloc country and you have DMR boxes, STANAG boxes but you dont have any AKM boxes. I liked to add a box with say 10 AKM mags, 10...
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    Overwatch Tools Folder

    Theres a db_spawnvechiles.bat file in that folder. What excaly does that do?