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  1. koriaba

    missing car and helicopter patrols.

    Hey all! Тhe guys, after installation "Zupa's SC3", "BuildVectorsV4", "Snap Building Pro v1.4.1" missing car and helicopter patrols. pedestrian are operating normally. v.2.2.1 does not work on custom spawn, but that's another story. Question: Where do I find a bug? log attached. Thanks to all...
  2. koriaba

    DZAI Bodies are disappearing nearly instantly - 2

    Server Dayz Vanilla I read this topic, but did not understand the solution to the problem. Problem - the body of a dead bot disappears for about 30 seconds, do not have time to run. On Epoch everything is working fine. '''' //Note: Other cleanup scripts might interfere by cleaning up...
  3. koriaba

    DZAI not work on 1.8.3?..

    Hello everyone! server in an infinite loading ... has some solution or wait for the new version? thank you.