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  1. E server how to customize loading screen and add debug monitor?

    Uhm how do i get the Debug Monitor out?
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    Custom loadout for specific player

    Do you mean like add it in?
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    DayZ GUI Loadout/Backpack Editor for Bliss (v1.2)

    How to find my database? or all these put wat $host = "_____"; //mysql Database host $username = "_____"; //mysql database username $password = "____"; //mysql database password $database = "______"; //mysql database name $id = "1"; //Your Unique Survivor ID ?>
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    Reality DayZ Inventory Manager (C#)

    Hello can anyone help? What should i put in Database IP? Database user? Database Password? Database port?
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    Reality DayZ Inventory Manager (C#)

    Hey Guys im having a problem with the This DayZInventory MAnager Can anyone of u help? I cant connect the DayZInventory Manager to my server My Server is up and running but cant connect What is the prob and what should i put in Database Ip Database User Database Password and Database Port...