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    [FR]DayZ Epidemic Mod D.E.M Gaming pve

    This is NOT my server. I am not connected to it in ANY WAY AT ALL. But as it is such an unusual thing, to see a new Epidemic Server, 5 years after most of them shut down, I've tried it, it works, it's great to revist Celle after all these years. I thought I would post it on here...
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    V1.7.5.1 Celle Release -Download here-

    How do you make this mod work with the Steam version ? The original instructions were...... 1. Download DayZ Commander if you don't already have it. 2. Download Celle (YOU WILL GET 3 FOLDERS). 3. Make a new folder called "@DaiZyCelle" and a folder inside of that called "Addons" 4. Move...
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    How many still play or are still a fan of the Epidemic mod?

    It had weapons attachments before anyone else, and it had Sanctuary AI city
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    [HELP] Need help with infistar antihack/admin tool

    Which script was it Engrise ? I have the same problem as you, and i'm trying to narrow it down to which script is messing up Infistar. If you could shed any light on it it would be much appreciated.
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    Thanks. My problem is that, whilst i'm not using your Repack, I am using quite afew scripts that...

    Thanks. My problem is that, whilst i'm not using your Repack, I am using quite afew scripts that are in your repack, and one (or more of them) is stopping the Infistar admin menu from coming up. We took the pbos etc fronm our old server to a GTX server, they worked fine with an older version of...
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    Sheep, off the top of your head, can you remember which particular scripts in the Arma 2 repack...

    Sheep, off the top of your head, can you remember which particular scripts in the Arma 2 repack were the ones that caused Infistar not to work ? I'm trying to weed out all the culprits, so I can have a working infistar.
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    Need all classname in Celle 1.9

    Thanks ShootingBlanks ! Those are the guys !! Sheep, this is Epoch Celle with coins ? When are you planning to release it ? Do you have any server providers interested ? Now you are working on this, does it mean that you have abandoned your Repack v1.5 ?
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    Need all classname in Celle 1.9

    They're nice, but they are not the ones in Epidemic. I remember there are 3 versions on armaholic of the Hazmat guys, but I have no idea how to get their classnames.
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    Need all classname in Celle 1.9

    Is there a classname list for skins - eg, the hazmat suit guys ?
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    No option to select Celle in ArmA 3D Editor?

    Is there another way to do this now that there are no Celle servers left ?
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    [RELEASE] Sector C

    Image link is dead.
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    Balota Custom Addition

    Skydrive link is dead.
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    [RELEASE] Seaside Bay, custom city

    Dropbox link dead.
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    Quarantine Feature list and explanation (Public test soon)

    Is it still dead, or did it rise from the grave ?
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    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Is the mod dead ?
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Thanks Rocky. I will give it a try when I get home. I am using Napf rather than Chernarus, hopefully the folder name will be just as obvious. I am using GTX Servers, so it comes with a free full version of Infistar. So do you know how to make it work with Sheeps' ? I can't really make...
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    I'm trying to work out how to install the pack. Can someone please advise me ? The instructions (this is 0.15 by the way) simply state.... INSTALLATION REPLACE YOUR SERVER PBO WITH THE ONE INCLUDED REPLACE YOUR MPMISSON PBO WITH THE ONE INCLUDED(IF YOU DONT USE A MPMISSION PBO REPLACE THE...
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Great stuff !! Re - the bury body option. I hope you leave it in. It is a good way to gain humanity - though the pause for saluting can be deadly if other players or dynamic AI are about.
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Thanks Sheep. So 0.15 has been optimized to reduce the mousewheel menu lag ?
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Does anyone know which script, or combination of scripts causes the extremely long mouse wheel lag ? (eg the trader menus, lock vehicles etc)