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    Database Error

    Need some help to fix this pls. :) 013-09-03 16:09:20 Database: [Error] Error 1292 (Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: '78982AX') in MySQLStmtExecute SQL: 'UPDATE `survivor` SET `inventory` = ? , `backpack` = ? WHERE `unique_id` = ? VALUES("[["DDOPP_X26"],[]]", "["DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1",[],[]]"...
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    DayZ Overwatch DE2448 (0.2.2/103718)

    Vehicles +100, Custom Anti-Hack, Self Bloodbag, Suicide Script, cannibalism script Stats Page and Forum coming soon! :)
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    Signature Check Timeout Problem?

    People on my Server get kicked after a while and a lot of them. :/ noticed that in my console log: 12:34:02 BattlEye Server: Could not connect to BE Master 12:34:02 BattlEye Server: Update attempt failed 12:36:18 BattlEye Server: Could not connect to BE Master 12:36:18 BattlEye Server: Update...
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    Signature Check Timeout Problem?

    Anyone know a solution for this problem. Sometimes my server kicks people for signature check timeout.. :/ thanks in advance, best regards, barci
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    Player Database

    Can someone tell me why some players are not listed in my character_data, when i search for their uid? thanks in advance, best regards, barci
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    When more then 40 Players connected, players get highping like 200 - 300 ms. :/ any solution? i think the mysql database is the problem?
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    Hive Question

    How to use 1. Hive for 2. Servers?
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    Dayz Food and Drink

    How to set the speed of them before you need to eat and drink again? thanks in advance, best regards, barci
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    Script Restriction

    Reloading Heli Ammo M240 -> script restriction #113 anyone know a fix for this?
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    Vehicle Problem

    I can spawn about 95% of al types of vehicles. I cannot spawn: AN2_DZ Mi17_DZ AH6X_DZ and this medice vehicles thanks in advance :)
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    Chernarus DayZ - DE 2448 (v1.7.4.4/Beta 100296) [Regular|3DP:ON|CH:ON] Private Hive

    * Single Private Hive * 100 Slots for Players * Battle Eye Enabled *Welcome Player Message *Anti Hack/Cheat Programs running * 24/7 Daylight * 3rd Person, Crosshair, Death Message, *Stats Monitor *all other settings like official servers *in the future: whitelist feature (with enough players :)...
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    Dead Players

    How to clean mysql database from dead players? :) thanks in advance
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    Join Message

    Found nothing on google. How can i set Battleye that it will post in chat when a Player joined the server. I guess with BEC, but how? Thanks in advance. barci