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    [Release] Sirens on cars - now with lights and bugfixes!

    Sooo this script is awesome but there needs to be a few edits. 1. When adding: //Sirens _isCopcar = typeOf _vehicle in ["LadaLM","HMMWV_Ambulance","HMMWV_Ambulance_CZ_DES_EP1","S1203_ambulance_EP1","GAZ_Vodnik_MedEvac","policecar"]; if (_inVehicle and _isCopcar and (driver _vehicle ==...
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    dayZ Illuminant Tower Lighting (Power Generator Option)

    I was wondering if there is a way you can add parts that can be damaged to the power generator? My thoughts are that you would need an engine, 6 tires (or number of tires on the generator) and 2 pieces of scrap to get it fully working... Like it would still work fine if the engine was green...
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    Car Spawns

    Sorry I thought I was in general section, didnt knotice that I was in the sub forum of Sarge AI
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    Car Spawns

    Im sure it has nothing to do with AI, Its just a general question. Ill post pictures of what Im talking about with hopefully a better explanation of what Im hoping to fix... but I have to go to work here in a few minutes.
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    Car Spawns

    Im playing on regular dayz (no extra moderation like 2017 epoch or things like that) Question 1 refers to like cars, trucks, sedans and the such, question 2 is about helis
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    Car Spawns

    Ok I actually have 2 questions: 1: I use as a host (I know yous dont provide server support) and when I place a spawn point for a vehicle the vehicle spawns further north then the spawn point.... Is there a way that I can have vehicle spawn exactly where I set the marker? 2: Is there...
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    Custom Loadout Once Every restart

    I would really be interested in this as well... possibly something more like a time I think would be easier... maybe once every 2 hours? (I know some servers only restart every 12 hours)