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    Battleye Restriction #1

    Hello friends This debug monitor And I have problem in battleye I do not understand much, but I'm risking it, but it's not working Follows the error log 06.12.2016 21:24:51: Wagner ( - - #1...
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    Custom Battleye Server Restrictions

    Hello friends, When I try to add some script modifying my dayz mod it always generates restriction when I log in as eg restriction # 11 # 13 I would like to know if I need to disable something to make my custom server Thank you
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    You where Kicked

    Hello my friends my server has a problem of kicking the players for no reason even I do not have time set of nothing appears the message you were kicked I wonder why this reason?
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    Debug Monitor Help

    I need a debug monitor that works with the journal but I do not find anything similar to anyone know of a script? thx
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    Authentication Time Out Dayz Mod

    My authentication time out server after any player logs in I'm using firedamon and BEC to run the restart Sometimes it stays stable but over time the problem of athentication time out does not know what to do A bit of my rpt log
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    infistar kicks when I am born

    hello friends I'm setting up a server of dayz mod however infistar installed it and when I go to the part that chooses the city that wants to be born so I'm born the infistar kicks me WHAT can be? rpt log 4:01:19 " - _randvar1: PV_c3xoxpd" 4:01:19 " - _randvar2...
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    unlockd vehicle in data base

    hello anyone know how I can do to unlock vehicles helicopters and motorcycles seven days stopped?
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    Grass On Off

    Hello guys I saw in a server where the player can remove or add grass on the server by mouse I would like to have this script but I did not find anywhere someone would have this script? thx
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    disable patrol on foot?

    hi my server is running 3 people patrolling the city on foot group my players are complaining like to know if there is the possibility to only disable this type of patrol or is to decrease the group number for one person? Where do you change that?