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  1. Kazyyk

    [READ ME] Do NOT advertise your server here!

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for taking a moment of your day to read this. This forum section is not for server advertisements. I repeat, it isn't for server ads. This forum is dedicated to the discussion and maintenance of Private Hives as a whole. Let's keep it that way - let's...
  2. Kazyyk

    DayZ 1.8 Server w/ Mission System and Custom Buildings - Echelon DayZ

    Welcome to the Echelon DayZ thread. Let's keep it simple. Server Name: Echelon DayZ Server IP: Features: * Well funded, no randomly vanishing into the void * Plans to continue on into StandAlone * Always runs the latest DayZ code, updates within 24 hours * Working Mission...
  3. Kazyyk

    Echelon Overwatch - Community Driven Server - Custom Scripts and Content

    **** INACTIVE **** Echelon DayZ Overwatch -=WhiteList Protected=- 0.2.4/103718 Server Connection Info Name: Echelon DayZ Overwatch IP: Port: 2302 What we offer as a Server and Community Server restarts every four hours with announced warnings and Debug Monitor...