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    We have lots of scripts(refuel, helilifting, halojumping, npcs and more), friendly multilingual admins and a great player community ! Visit our server if you are looking for the best dayz experience ever and feel safe through our custom antihack tool ! Happy to see you soon ;)
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    Is this a problem? here is my rpt.log

    8:48:33 "SAR_AI: Area & Trigger definition Started" 8:48:33 "Setting up SAR_AI for : chernarus" 8:48:34 "SAR_AI: Area & Trigger definition finalized" 8:48:34 "SAR_AI: Static Spawning for Helicopter patrols started" 8:48:34 Warning: z\addons\dayz_communityassets\models\compass.p3d:0 Error...