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  1. Fox

    Marker/Trigger Question

    Hi Buttface ! Is there a way to make only the ai on map visible ,not the whole debug stuff like the big markers,that show off the triggers? How do i separate this ,is it even possible? I hope i u understood the question ^^ cheers fox
  2. Fox

    SARGE AI 1.1.0/1.5.2 LOW DEBUG FPS

    As the title says ... i have problems with this great addon since i did a lot of changes to it [LAV 25 Patrols and stuff] but that's not important i think. So the Problem is Sarge Ai ...i've tested this on several times and also only with sarge ai installed ,without any else script or...
  3. Fox

    [Help] Porting Taviana Reactors and oil rig to Chernarus

    How can i realize it ? i wish i could add an oil rig on Cherno and a piece of the Reactors called NPP Treblyanka. If anyone up here knows something bout this and would share experience . thx fox
  4. Fox

    How do i create my own mission tasks on DayZ

    Hi all ! Having a mind in my head : You all may know the mission tasks from breaking point : how would i do this and my example : doing this ,go there ,destroy this and so on ... all i found on over google was ...
  5. Fox

    Military Ai Attacking

    Hi ! Anyone here knows how i can get rid of all military npc's ,when shooting at them all of them gonna try to kill me ... so they communcate but how to get rid of this ? So if i shoot at one they catch me up on each place they are ..
  6. Fox

    AI Bases with loot spawn when destryoing their tank

    Hi all ! is it possible to destroy a T90 Tank which spawns loot ,happens on a fixed AI base using sarge ai 1.5.2 . sry forgot to say that i have the tanks already built in the game via the building tools [DayZCC] but their locked... Is there a little chance for making this real ? cheers
  7. Fox

    Olsha Airport Public Release 1.0

    put this in your init.sqf in the end of the line [] ExecVM "olsha.sqf"; put this in the root mission.pbo CoD part thx to rossymond for this method !
  8. Fox

    Sarge AI 1.5.2 no Weapons after respawn

    Hi again ! To Sarge is there a way to fix the issue we currently trying to fix it ,but everytime when ai respawns without weapons ... and it's only for the bandit ai cheers fox
  9. Fox

    Memory Leak with latest update

    Yesterday we tried out the new 1.5 after a few hours we get a out of memory since the new update... Cheers fox Galaxy S2 using tapatalk
  10. Fox

    [Help] Adding a portable generator Hi all ! Tried to add add a portable generator via the dayz,rMo2.1, arma2 editor and i got that message above ... me and a friend on our TS3 searching for a power generator script for this to add it in via the...
  11. Fox

    Adding siren

    Hi all ! Well i'm running my Servers on my end with DayZ CC ,and we wanna add a custom sound file (siren) with a trigger on the editor . Tried and failed using this tut : and using this just for adding a siren. Next Thing is that he...
  12. Fox

    DayZ EU Lost Soldiers

    English Register here to join the Basetournament ! Panthera 1.7 Server #1 Chernarus Server #2 To join on our DayZ Lost.Soldiers.EU [Panthera 1.7] [ rMod2 ] [+370 Vehicles]...