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  1. magw33d

    CBA Battleye Filters problem

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had included CBA in their mod and had any information for me. I'm trying to get it working on my server, however I can't find any information on adding battleye filters to the scripts.txt. If anyone can help or has the exceptions available at hand I'd be...
  2. magw33d

    DayZeta Roleplaying Community

    Welcome to DayZeta, an independent DayZ roleplaying mod and community for Arma II. Explore the beautiful paradise island of Lingor, filled with surprise and mystery at every corner. Placing players in a sandbox environment, DayZeta allows role players the ability to create their own story and...
  3. magw33d

    players stop bleeding/no death from blood loss

    Pulling my hair out on this one for a few days, so if anyone could help me out I'd be really appreciative. I'm running Dayz 1.8.1 on pwnoz0rs server pack with bluephoenix admin tools and fred's wardrobe. The problem I'm having is that when players reach 0 blood, instead of dying like they...
  4. magw33d

    Random Spawn Skins in 1.8.1

    I'm trying to implement random spawn skins in 1.8.1, and I've implemented them how you would in previous versions, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I read in another thread that there is a part in the gender selection panel that overwrites the dayz_server/compile/server_playerlogin.sqf...
  5. magw33d

    player data not saving

    I'm running a custom version of Celle which I have updated to 1.8.1. The achievements aren't working which I understand is on account of Celle not being compatible with that module, but the player data is not saving at all. I can't seem to work out the problem, having replaced the server files...
  6. magw33d

    Character data not saving.

    I am trying to update my celle server to 1.8.03 and I have run into a bit of a roadblock. Everything is up and running, but when players are disconnecting the player data is not saving. This error is popping up in the RPT. 6:38:29 "ERROR: Cannot Sync Achievements <> has no default...