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    DayZ Base Building 1.3 Discussion

    Working on this now ..
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    Server restart with kick, lock, shutdown, unlock?

    just display message then shutdown, not much point in locking and unlocking as nobody can join the server while its restarting
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    [OPEN] Replacing buildings

    in a script during init, delete the building at the location, then create the new building. look at the code in dayzmod thst deleted those benches that were spawned in the door of the nwaf barracks
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    Need help with raise and lowering on objects!

    I put your server onto my gamehost i have to test the build, been overly busy : 3030
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    Need help with raise and lowering on objects!

    Really? That must have been a mistake .. I saw you the other day and then tried to talk to you but Discord said I couldnt but didnt say you were banned. I checked and what happened was you left my server, . To use Direct Messages, we have to be on some server together
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    Need help with raise and lowering on objects! Contact me on my discord. I am sure we can fix that
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    Yes. with more information. contact me on my discord
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    [IDEA] POWER GRIDS (Street Lights)

    What they are really talking about is the Chernarus Electrical Grid. Where there is an actual system running. It required CBA to work 100% and like axman says, with the lighting system actually "disabled" it takes a workaround. So in Dayz, the lights will not work you would have to...
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    Updated Private Server Pack this is the minimal setup for a "testing server" using your own Arma2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead installation on your computer. If you want to use this for a server on a VPS or Dedicated box then you simply need to install Arma2 and...
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    [Epoch] Donation Manager (php) help thread

    The database schema has changed and there is no fieldname 'slot'. Somewhere it will say something along the lines of "select * from "slot" where ...
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    server crashing with Include file z/addons.... error

    The Z path refers to the root of Arma2 folder. When you load a mod like @epoch, it has a subfolder "addons" which is automatically added into the "addons" folder of Arma2. So the Z in this line z\addons\dayz_code\init\publicEH.sqf, line 100 refers to the "addons" folder, dayz_code PBO, init...
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    [FR]DayZ Epidemic Mod D.E.M Gaming pve

    Well armaholic has celle 2 .. not sure if this is whats needed Here is the original celle version I believe it used Celle2 though ... And I have Epidemic BTW .. I am...
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    server crashing with Include file z/addons.... error

    That was quite a few years ago and it was much more convoluted than I had hoped it would be. I probably never tested the dayz version there as I was fooling with overpoch. But Dayz has changed a lot since. ... Post your RPT log, but usually that means the mods are not getting loaded correctly...
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    How to add grouping to DayZ vanilla

    Before we go any further. You didnt say you were running DayZ. IF you are running some Epoch version, you just have to enable it. If you are using DayZ, read on. LOL .. for the life of me I couldnt recall what it was called. DZGM. It looks to me like pulling the code out of the repack all...
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    How to add grouping to DayZ vanilla

    Isn't there a DayZ group system already? It's in Epoch by default and I know for a fact it was available as a script add-on but I can't find it right now
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    Auxiliary vehicle turrets.

    Try this. Works to add flares to hummingbird in Arma3. Might work .. you will have to replace with arma2 magazine and flare launcher name. You can get the name of it from a heli that has it with the weapons command vehname addMagazine "60Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine"; vehname addWeapon...
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    HEEELLLP !!! Server startup error !!!

    Is it working or no? If you want I can setup the server for you. Send me a message if so
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    V1.7.5.1 Celle Release -Download here-

    here is a link to the DayZ Cell mod. It doesnt contain the server files or mission though. But all the zombie and loot configs should be in the mod. I am currently uploading DayZ Epidemic which ran on the Celle map so that will have everything you need. Will post that link when its done ...