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  1. ElViper

    Emita City Anyone?

    I am looking at porting a map, Emita City in particular. I know that Pwnoz0r's has done it before and ended the project due to lack of popularity so am looking for some response now. If not emita city, any other maps the community would be interested in?
  2. ElViper

    Custom Backpack Slots for New Mod

    I am looking into map porting and creating a new mod (more news to come in the next two weeks) and I just wondered if anyone knows how to change the amount of slots backpacks can have, for example, the British Assault into a 20 slot backpack?
  3. ElViper

    *NEW* Aspire's Custom Chernarus |500Cars+20Air |LoadsOfScripts|Custom Buildings+Weapons|Always Day

    Aspire's Chernarus Server IP: Hey, Im ElViper, administrator of Aspire's Custom PVP Chernarus Server! This is a brand new server and we are looking for players and clans to either team up or fight against the horde or each other! With the custom scripts that will be...