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  1. cen

    Can't get server started

    Keep getting the warning dayz_server requires dayz_code... My launch parameters: -mod=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion;EXPANSION;ca;@Server_DayZHuntingGrounds;@DayZHuntingGrounds Any ideas?
  2. cen

    DeadByZed DayZ Overwatch (0.2.0/103718)

    IP: 500+ vehicles - Auto-refuel - Custom villages/buildings - Self bloodbag - Strip clothing - Vehicle tow/heli lift - Remove vehicle parts - More Loot - More Zombies
  3. cen

    Kill Messages - Help removing who killed who

    I've got kill messages working on my server but the one thing I'd like to remove is who killed who. I'm using this version here: I've modified the message to remove the "was killed by" variable (%2 below) _message = format["%1 was killed by %2 with weapon %3...
  4. cen

    .EU tiered skin system on .com version?

    Has anybody ever looked into this? We ran the .EU version of Taviana for a while and the one thing I miss is the tiered skin system for humanity. Any idea how to get this on the .com version?
  5. cen

    Heli Crashes on both islands

    Any body know of a way to do this? I'm wondering if I set the center point to be in the middle of the bridge if the radius is big enough to spawn them on both islands? Any insight?
  6. cen

    Taviana Admins - Need Anti-hack Help

    Any admins running Taviana 2.0 that have a working anti-hack script working on their server and willing to help out/share another Taviana server owner? I tried using the script found here on opendayz but I have issues with players spawning in bleeding with broken legs, and other players...
  7. cen

    Can't see chat in RCON tool?

    I can see my global admin messages but no side/direct/vehicle chat from players using DaRT/EPM, etc... Any ideas?
  8. cen

    [SOLVED] Can't connect to the DB

    Followed all the steps for the guide and I can connect to the server and the mission reads correctly but then it won't connect to the DB. What do you set for the host in the hiveExt.ini and the --host= in the .bat file? Thanks!