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    24/7 Daytime

    Is it possible at the moment for the server to be set to run daytime all day? Even if it has to be restarted every 6 hours, it would be great.
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    How to make a server auto restart

    @echo off color 0a title Server Starter :top echo Executing pMain() .\MySQL\bin\mysql --user=root --password=root --host= --port=3316 --database=hivemind --execute="call pMain()" ping -n 5 >NUL echo Complete! ping -n 1 >NUL cls echo Launching And Watching Server...
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    Navicat help

    Maybe the table's fields are set up differently?
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    Navicat help

    I think the login details for the mysql server included with the server are: user: root (might be HIVE2) pass: root (might be whatever that crazy password is in the mysql ini file in server root) ip: localhost port: 3316 I dont think it allows external connections.. or more than one user per...
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    Can anyone help me with extra vehicle spawns

    Don't you need to execute pSpawn or something before it will actually do anything?
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    How to make a server auto restart

    In batch, do something like this: @echo off title DayZ Server Watcher color 0a :top echo Server has been started! start /wait PATHTOSERVEREXEWITHCOMMANDLINE cls echo Server has exited, restarting! goto top
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    DB Functions

    Could someone please post all of their Database Functions for Chernarus? Something is wrong with mine (copied them over from the hivemind db to my own, now they give syntax errors). Thanks, Sonicscream