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  1. Rukx

    I also would very much like your admin dome scripts please.

    I also would very much like your admin dome scripts please.
  2. Rukx

    Hiring a coder / modeler to create a vehicle armor mod for Epidemic - $ 1800 $ reward!

    Are those pictures taken from SL? Also...$1900?? Could buy a real car for that. Awesome models, I wish you luck!
  3. Rukx

    I have a new mod called confusion.

    Tried the download links on your page, got "module failed, try again later". Bummed, wanted to check it out. Perhaps soon?
  4. Rukx

    Looking for a custom anti hack no battleye (cheap)

    what offer? I've begun to notice a trend with your internet self.
  5. Rukx

    Base Building DayZ 1.2 Released

    This addon is worthy of a wiki, imho. So many folks have questions, nothing against the forum, but finding answers takes forever. A organized wiki would be awesome.
  6. Rukx

    DayZ Epidemic Release Info

    I would very much like to beta test for you guys. Just let me know where to send bug reports, and i'll play the heck outta it this weekend. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Rukx

    Features? Scripts?

    Hello, just wondered if we could have a list of features, I'm in the middle of the wilderness on a sat phone, YouTube hates my data connection, and I was unable to find a list elsewhere. Can't play till I hike back out on Wednesday, but am excited to learn of the features of your pack/mod...
  8. Rukx

    Glitches/Bugs all in one thread

    Sharkking, I would really appreciate the help. I do not need dayzcc, I was primarily using as it was recommended. I just downloaded the reality server files. Going to try to set it up tonight after I get home from work. Any key things I should make sure to do? I'll join you on TS, Skype...
  9. Rukx

    Glitches/Bugs all in one thread

    I truly do not understand why I haven't been able to get a private server setup. I've tried for two days now. First I was getting the "Bad version, server rejected connection error", which I fixed...then the server console started spamming "Read bank" errors, and now i'm missing certain keys...