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  1. blur

    Hunting system?

    I am thinking about laying traps... mybe with a random time and animal that can get caught in it... I will keep thinking about how to get this to work later.
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    Bug Report

    report all bugs here. Where, when, and what occurred.
  3. blur

    DayZ Escape Client Files!

    Download Client Files.. This update since it is small includes full mod files and the hotfix for the latest update (0.3.7) You will be able to just drag, drop and replace your old files to get new ones. If you feel you might mess something up just download the full one and completely delete...
  4. blur

    Alpha Servers For DayZ Escape

    I have created two* alpha servers for this mod. We will be uploading the client files soon. we will most likely have you install the files by swapping them out for your @DayZ files by removing or relocating your existing files and joining as if it is regular dayz. As soon as I get the...
  5. blur

    BlurGaming - Updated Anti-Hack Public Release

    ***************************************UPDATED************************************** For Newest Version Visit Also if you need any more help with this script, sign up on the website and contact me. I may be able to help you guys out. Whats up guys! Here is some...
  6. blur

    Blur Gaming Voice/Action Menu V1.0

    Help and discussion for blur gaming voice action menu begins here :) make a base pbo with just the menu on it. then add in the other things. then if that does not work i should be able to help you later.
  7. blur

    Blur Gaming Voice/Action Menu V1.0

    This is a scroll wheel menu that allows you to use pre-recorded, randomly selected voices to communicate in game. The menu includes all basic shouts you would normally hear in game. The menu is meant to replace the scramble you have to reply to someone in game before you get your face blasted...
  8. blur

    Survivor, Hero and Bandit Voice Commands Menu [HELP]

    I am in the prosess of creating an in-game scroll menu that will allow players to talk ingame to eachother without a mic, or having to talk/ type. There would be menus created by humanity with several diffrent commands you can choose from per person based on your humanity. Also some voices and...
  9. blur

    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    This is going to be a tut on how to add in Music on spawn, and custom server messages like you see at the bottom of the screen in the video above.... This will not include the halo spawn, and will not answer any questions about it as a tut has already been written for that. First, Make a .sqf...
  10. blur

    BlurGamingChernarus - - - - 850 Members & Counting

    The Blur Gaming Chernarus Server has an ever increasing amount of Server Enhancing scripts and functions available to players while they are on my server! We pride our selves with good and helpful admins, who enjoy the game as much as the next person! Our admins all play legit, and never...
  11. blur

    [REQUEST] House Building from Origins on Chernarus

    I know that basebuilding 1.2 is out, but making a house in chernarus would be awesome. if anyone is able to do this, PLEASE share.
  12. blur

    Voice Commands (tell your player what to say)

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make your player say things with a scroll wheel option when near other players (so they can hear it) depending on your humanity what you can say, EXAPMPLE: if you are near a player, you can use the scroll wheel to say "Im friendly!" or Don't Shoot!"...
  13. blur

    Server Scripting Request Help

    Hello everyone, i have been trying and trying for a long time to get all of these scripts to work together but i am not able to do it. can any of you help me? List of Scripts (all on Chernarus) Sarges AI Auto Refuel Vehicle salvaging(taking parts from one, and using on another vehicle) Self...
  14. blur

    Login Intro Cinematic and Music

    I have been working for a long time on a login Cinematic. I have one that works, but not well. i have it so it plays music when you log in, and does a short 4 second animation/Zoom in feature like the animation from PiXel's DayZAddin. (using some of his code to make it for now) This is what i...