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    DayZ origins?

    Anyone seen this? Looks like it's the guys behind dayzland's version of Taviana, the developer of the map himself and a few others. Sounds pretty different. Doubt ill play it though, don't trust these guys or agree with there ethics Origins Key Features ...
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    Zombies hitting through walls

    Is anyone else getting this issue? As in hitting through almost any wall and hitting from like 10 meters away?
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    Bandit Marker

    Was wandering if anyone knew how to draw bandits on the map that can be seen globally? Been having a play around trying to get it to work on player sync but cant seem to get to show :mad:
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    Anyone using this at the moment? I've been having a play with it the last hour but cant seem to get it to work. Even my RPT looks as if it's working 16:22:08 "HIVE: Local Time set to [2013,1,24,12,0]" 16:22:08 "DEBUG FPS : 5.12328" 16:22:08 "CRASHSPAWNER: Starting spawn logic for Crash...
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    Couple of questions regarding zombies

    Howdy :D Right, first thing is..I's there something im missing with changing the speed of zombies? I thought it was in the control_zombieAgent in the compiles folder. I have edited the zombie speed in there and nothing changes.. Edit - Other issue has been addressed
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    How many of you will

    Just a general chit chat post :D So, How many of you will actively remain in the dayzmod modding, scripting scene once standalone comes? Do you plan on working with Arma 3 when it comes? With Matt Lightfoot's stating in his interview that modding isnt an option at release, has this changed...
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    New interview with Matt LightFoot

    The video is at the bottom, the text version is better as you don't hear all that enoying ts
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    Meat from players, where am i going wrong?

    So at present i have this, obviously im trying to have it so players dont need to download it. Probably going totally the wrong way about it, but // Cut Meat From Dead _X = false; _inVehicle = ((vehicle player) != player); if(!isNull cursorTarget and !_inVehicle and (player distance...
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    EDIT typo in title lol.. Hey everyone, just a little vid of something im working on. It's still very buggy, and the video is poor as i was running the game, a server and recording all on the same pc. Basically i am trying to combine DayZ & Wasteland together, in the way im doing it, no...
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    Server side event

    Hoping someone can help me...Basically im slightly confused on which to use to control and event server side. i know there's if (isServer) if (!isServer) I have an earthquake that happens occasionally on the server, obviously i cant use if (!isDedicated) As this will make the quake happen at...
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    Adding snow to your server

    Help and discussion for adding snow to your server begins here... @survivorcarl - Yeah you need to create the file, i have update it all to make it a little clearer. @Samirocks - Same mate, i edit the post to point it out. there's a few of the scripts you will need to change #21 and i...
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    Adding snow to your server

    A few people have been asking for this, so thought id make a fresh post as the other one wasn't specifically aimed at this. PLEASE NOTE - when doing this you will need to update you BE scripts as you will get for script rescription #21 and a couple others, i cant remember which ones but they...
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    Sleeping in tents

    Having a play around with this, but to no avail. Im going to keep at it, but here is the basis for it if anyone wants to try and have a play with it in the ini if (!isDedicated) then { [] execVM "tentsleep.sqf" }; tentsleep.sqf // action - dream _find = nearestObjects [player...
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    Ive added custom colorCorrections and particle effects

    Hi, i have been messing with colorcorections and particles in game to add atmosphere in the init.sqf Doing it this way obviously players wont need additional mods, i know it can be done some way like this as undead mod used to do it. This is basically ripped from the eagle wing mission. This...
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    Add your own custom sounds

    Hi, After reading this post here and reading the comment from shinkicker i decided to try and add some custom sounds to our Taviana map, things like random screams and so on. Anyway, i managed to get it to work...
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    Taviana server help

    Hi, we finally thought we made progress with this server. As we are putting up a server, to go with the .com one we have hosted. But after getting it all installed we have hit a wall At present, where stuck on loading. Error logs are showing this (Click link for pastebin)...
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    Siphon fuel from Vehicles

    I was wondering if someone could help me with this, please bare with me as im new to all this and im trying to learn. I fancied try to add the ability to siphon fuel from vehicles, as it would make sense in a post apocalyptic world. After looking around i found this from DNK addFuel.sqf _m =...
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    Keypad gates script

    Hi, i think Humbleuk and Killzone Kid did some form of keypad gate script and i was wondering if anyone knew it please? Or if they even made it available for people to use
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    Cant see server

    Hi, we have just created a server, we launch the restarter bat and get this 19:03:57 Dedicated host created. 19:03:58 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.165) 19:03:58 Host identity created. Yet we cant see are server in game, it dosnt even show when you try to connect via remote Any ideas?
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    Problem with perl

    hi, Where in the proccess of creating a bliss server running Taviana, when we run this perl --instance 10 --limit 100 --cleanup all --host --user --pass --name we get this error NFO: Connecting to localhost:dayz as user dayz FATAL: Invalid instance ID It's not an...