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  1. Krixes

    HFB Server Install Tutorial!

    Hey guys, here is the long awaited HFB Server install tutorial. You may find it out our homepage. under the "Install Instructions" tab. :) If the images are not loading straight away, it takes a little bit for the server to recognize the images and get them situated. Give...
  2. Krixes

    Epidemic Server Files - Released!

    Hey there fellow survivors! The long awaited server files have been set and ready for you guys who want to run your own private servers of DayZ Epidemic! This is not an easy installation and you must have the know how of installing a MySQL database and how to run a server using reality server...
  3. Krixes

    Open Beta - Download!

    DayZ Epidemic has went into full open beta. Files and installation can be found here. The rules on the Official server are PvE related. No stealing players gear / vehicles. No PvP. No hoarding vehicles. If you can abide by those rules you are free to play on...
  4. Krixes

    DayZ Epidemic Home

    I have thrown together a little website for DayZ Epidemic. It is just there for informational purposes. You can obtain a lot of information on the forum here too, but on the site there will be screenshots and video's once we get them going. There is also a little bit more information there...
  5. Krixes

    Completely Open Beta To Start Soon!

    Very soon I will post the download links to the mod and will be allowing everyone who want's to try the server to join. We do this with hopes that everyone will follow the PvE rules and the PvP rules as they will be posted. A few days after this "Completely Open Beta" has been held and no...
  6. Krixes

    DayZ Epidemic Bugs

    DayZ Epidemic has an issue tracker that all of the beta testers are using. You may keep track of bugs, map changes and feature request on the issue tracker. The issue tracker is located here -
  7. Krixes

    DayZ Epidemic Release Info

    DayZ Epidemic is still in development but is ready for the public in an open beta state. We have had constant beta testers on the "Official" server testing everything down to the trash loot but are in desperate need to test this mod on a much larger scale. I would like to see how things handle...
  8. Krixes

    What does DayZ Epidemic offer?

    DayZ Epidemic as you guys may have read from the "What is DayZ Epidemic?" forum is a mod that takes place during the first few weeks of the apocalypse. That being said it is based a lot around fighting of military and hazmat units that are trying to clean up the infection. The mod runs on the...
  9. Krixes

    What is DayZ Epidemic?

    Story DayZ Epidemic takes place after the first few weeks of the apocalypse. It is during this time the government has moved in and is trying to get rid of the infected and will not let anyone get in their way. Any survivor's in this hot zone are to be eliminated by brute force for risk of the...
  10. Krixes

    Bug: Error in expression.

    Hey Sarge, Was unsure where to put this but I have came across a bug and thought I would let you know about it. Basicly it was a zero divisor error meaning that all of the units had died and it was trying to divide 360 by 0. This is the RPT log. 8:18:05 Error in expression <_units...
  11. Krixes

    Krixes - Tent Sleep Healing Script

    Krixes - Tent Sleep Healing Script Version 1.1 All of the edits can be done in player_sleep.sqf under the Config area! This video was made by BetterDeadThanZed and shows the mod in use. Change Log 1.1: Made some minor tweaks in the code Lowered quality of the snoring for smaller file...
  12. Krixes

    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script help and discussion goes here
  13. Krixes

    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script Version 1.4 All of the edits can be done in player_selfBloodbag.sqf under the Config area! Change Log 1.5: Updated for DayZ 1.8 Changed combat variable for use in 1.8. Updated by CommanderRetra Change Log 1.4: Added bloodbag use timer Added a timer for the...
  14. Krixes

    Adding custom item classes!

    Hey fellas, I have been modding DayZ quite a bit lately and am trying to do a server side custom items class without having to have players download a custom DayZ addon which wouldnt work anyway as I am hosted through DayZ.ST. I have tried modifying Description.ext to include this...
  15. Krixes

    Help with Fallujah private on your github account!

    I've posted this a couple of times on your post on tunngle trying to get help but no one seem's to be able to take the time to help me. Also another person has the same issue with no response. So I will post it once more with hopes on some help. I am having a problem, when the game loads...